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Lisabeth Lueninghoener

Jan 3, 2022, 7:27:33 PM1/3/22
to Ellen Ben-Naim,,,,, Jennifer Guy,
The county just reported 92 new cases today.  Clearly, this is skewed by a pause in testing availability over break, but this number alone represents 427 in 100K positive people and does not account for the backlog of tests not yet reported back or the difficulty in finding available testing.

I commend the schools on having rapid antigen testing available today and tomorrow, but as we know, that is only a momentary snapshot of contagiousness and not an accurate indicator of infection, especially with the omicron variant.  

What is the community threshold that triggers the schools to go into remote or at least enhanced procedures?  Have we considered at least taking the remainder of this week off while testing catches up and we get an accurate picture?  Barranca very quickly went from just over 3% positive cases to almost 10% because of a backlog.  I very much don't want to see this happen across the entire district.

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