Support for Erin Green for school board appt.

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Kelly Dolejsi

Jul 22, 2021, 12:07:05 AM7/22/21
Dear School Board Members,

I want to voice my support for Erin Green for the LAPS Board.

Erin is my trusted friend. I also work with her teaching religious education (RE) at the Unitarian Church of Los Alamos, and served on the RE board while she was chair. Though my children attend Aspen Elementary, I brought them to a few of Erin's programs through her Forest School, where we had very positive experiences.

Erin's focus was and is always on what is best for children and their families, whether that is LAPS, homeschooling, Montessori schooling, or even the classes we teach within our church community. She is currently working toward her graduate degree in counseling, and I believe she will make an incredible family counselor. I have never known anyone with as much energy, heart, knowledge, and determination as Erin Green. 

I urge you to appoint her to fill the open position on the board.

Thank you,
Kelly Dolejsi
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