Issues of teacher workload equity

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David Parsons

Jan 12, 2021, 12:11:31 PM1/12/21
to, Susan Sanfilippo Hettinga
Dear School Board,

Thank you for serving voluntarily at this tumultuous time. Your efforts are appreciated.


As an employee of the District, I am greatly bothered by the lack of equity and variance of staff responsibility happening with the schedules that have been put in place this year. I understand well that schedules naturally vary year to year and that there is no perfect schedule, especially this year.




As you are receiving a lot of thoughts today, I'll keep it brief. Here are my concerns in a nutshell:


1) Elementary Teachers (if we move to hybrid) - will now be supervising children all of their normal contracted hours in a combination of remote and hybrid. 


2) Specials Teachers at Elementary supervise children 2-3 hours a day, 4 days a week, or roughly 1/3 to 1/2 the time of Elementary Teachers.


3) Middle and High School Teachers supervise children 4 days a week in the morning.


4) Online Teachers supervise children 5 days a week in the morning.



Long story short, it is not fair that Elementary Teachers are expected to supervise children all of the hours, while many teachers throughout the district are not required to do so as full time employees. Specials teachers districtwide feel demoralized and undervalued.


When I was asked to report to the School Board about how Chamisa's Hybrid Plan was going, I shared that teachers needed more planning time, not less. Other teachers made similar remarks. Shortly thereafter, Wednesdays were added on with no warning. This sudden change was not well received by elementary teachers.



Here are some solutions to move forward on a path to greater equity:

1) Add Wednesday to Middle and High School. They have attended 5 days a week in green/gold schedules for many years.

2) Give Elementary Teachers Wednesdays back to plan. I am happy to do hybrid afternoons! 

3) Allow Elementary Specials Teachers time to teach on Wednesday mornings.



This way

  • High School, Mid School and Online are teaching 5 mornings a week. (Afternoon planning)

  • Elementary teaches 4 full days a week with one day to plan. (Wednesday planning)

  • Elementary specials teach 4 afternoons a week and Wednesday morning. (Four mornings of planning)


I know it would not yet be balanced, but it would be a good step in the right direction. Staff morale would improve, especially for Elementary Teachers.



Thank you for your consideration,

David Parsons

4th Grade Teacher

Chamisa Elementary School

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