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Dear, LA School Board,

My name is Sumner Tholen and I would like to talk to you about the programs you might be adding to the next school year. I think that adding 10 to 25 more days would be a little rough on some students. It would take away time that they could be doing sports or visiting far away families. It could be beneficial to some students, but for those on track it feels like a punishment. Some students do enjoy extra school and would come even if it wasn’t required. I’m on both sides of this argument. I would like to give you a few pros and cons about the extra programs.

 First things first. 10 to 25 days is a lot of days. This time could be spent at home doing homework like Khan Academy or reading a book. I have a suggestion about that. Instead of adding 25 more days, you could ask the students to do daily studies during the summer. The next thing I have to say is that the extra days at school would give students more time to be with their friends. Friends help each other get through rough times. If all friends were required to go, it would create a happier environment for everyone. But if there are extra days, there would be less time to spend more time with friends. Summer is a time to go on vacations, see far away family, and spend time with your friends. If there’s time to spend with friends at school, there’s more time to spend with them after school or during the day. Either way, you’re still spending time with friends.

One of things I would be worried about is the time you spend away from your family. The time when you’re at school takes away from going on trips with your family or playing a game with them. Although we go to school a lot and are away from far away family, they still need to see you every so often. Also, at home moms miss their kids and whenever they come home, they are radiating with joy because they missed you. During summer is the time to be with them but to take that away might wreck some student’s parents.

Summer is the best time to have fun and make memories. If we were to add 10-25 days, we’d still have memories and be able to have fun but not as much as the allotted 3 months summer break. Don’t get me wrong, you can make memories and have fun at school but there are limitations to it. Plus, August is the hottest month and some people might want to get out of the summer heat by going north. Some people want to take a trip to a humid place. In other words, August is one of the most important months to be with friends and family.

 I personally wouldn’t give any days to school. My opinion is that this would stress most students out. Some students might like it but most of my friends and people I've met don’t like extra school days. If I were to make the final decision, In the end, this choice can have many good outcomes but either way, it’s adding more time away from family. I would say all claims and get the students’ opinions before the final decision is made. I don’t know what it’s like to be in the chief decision but I think that for all kids around the state, it would be better if 10 days were added. It’s kind of a win-win. We get more education while we still get a lot of free time with friends and family. Thank you for your time.

Yours for education,

Sumner T. Tholen

Barranca Mesa Elementary

6th Grade

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