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May 10, 2021, 3:00:12 PM5/10/21
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Dear School Board Members,

My name is Marisella Rendon. I think the extended learning is a good idea because kids can get more learning tools. Kids can get more practice on subjects they struggle with. There are some cons to the extended learning, some of them are as follows: you don't have as long as a summer break as the kids should be getting, and teachers should be getting their break as well. Some teachers have kids they need to take care of.  Some teachers use their summer break to plan but they should at least get a month off to relax and spend time with their family too. Kids and teachers should be getting the full break they deserve, especially with COVID-19. With the pandemic it has been a long year for everybody adjusting to all the restrictions, and to all the learning online. 

I disagree with the 25 days of extended learning because that cuts out a lot of your summer. With the 10 days of extended learning it is not as long and won’t cut out a big chunk of your summer break. During the summer kids and teachers go see their families in different states. They can also be going on vacation to relax and unwind from stress from school and work. Some parents are working all the time and have no time to spend with family, the summer might be the only time for them to spend as a family. 

The extended learning can be hard for some people to get to school. Bus drivers might take the summer off to spend time with family. If there's not enough bus drivers  then some buses can't run, also some parents can't take their kids to school every day if they live off the hill. 

Getting kids to school can be hard for some families. Also some kids carpool to school during the regular school year and the family that takes them to school might not be in town. 

Think of this, when you were a kid did you go to school for a 3rd of your summer? Did you?  I don't think you did. Doing this extended learning thing is hard. It can bring on stress for everyone. Kids get stressed having all this work to do and having sports and things they have to fit in their schedule. For teachers they can get stressed  for planning all the lessons. 

Mental health is a big issue and please take this into consideration when you are voting on this matter.. Kids need to have their brain break. Not just a little 30 minute one, a two and a half month one. Kids need to see their friends and have a social life as well. This is part of growing up. These are the times we get to enjoy before having more added stress in the upper grades. 

Teachers need to have their two and a half month break too. Teachers don't just have to deal with their homeroom, they sometimes deal with the other kids too.  Teachers and kids need to have time to reflect on the year and relax. They have to make sure they are mentally healthy to work with kids. Also, if you as a board decide to do this, I think a lot of kids will get home schooled, and then you will lose a lot of students. We have had a very rough year and adding more days will impact the rest of our lives, and not in a positive way. 


                         Marisella Rendon 


         (P.S personally I think this a blunt idea.)

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