School reopening concerns

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Elizabeth K. Watts

Mar 12, 2021, 1:19:24 PM3/12/21
Teachers have been asked to do so much this year for our students, and have done an amazing job. While it is great that so many of them have received one dose of the vaccine, it would be even better if we waited for them to be able to enjoy the full protection that occurs 2 weeks after the second dose. We are so close to actually protecting them — why can’t we support them all the way?

I am also concerned with the start immediately after spring break. Will teachers be given any time to prepare, or will they be expected to sacrifice their spring breaks as well? Also people will be traveling outside the state for spring break and returning. I know that quarantine is not required anymore for out of state travel but I believe it is still recommended.

For our family, the risks of returning early do not outweigh the benefits. I know this is not true for every family, but I hope there will be options available for those of us who are not comfortable sending our children back in-person to full day, full classroom school. Has there been any effort to survey parents to see how many people will be returning, versus how many will be keeping their students home?

Thank you. I know this is not easy and there is no way to satisfy everyone.
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