Senior Graduation 2021

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Feb 9, 2021, 12:45:55 PM2/9/21
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Dear School Board,

I have mentioned to a couple of teachers and some students an idea I had of mine for the graduation ceremony. I believe that we could hold the ceremony (outside) at Sullivan field; chairs spaced out, students masked, and audience masked. As being one of the seniors, I noticed that our class is quite small and we could have plenty of room to spread out on the field. I understand that COVID is a huge problem right now, but I believe this is a great solution and won't be a problem if we follow protocol, which will be easy. I have always looked forward to walking in front of my class and I know so have others. I believe this will give the class of 2021 something to look forward to and it isn't till late May, so restrictions and COVID should relax by then. Please consider. 

Thank you,
Annika Fox
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