Public Comment for Proposed Options for Extended Learning Time

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Grant Fox

May 10, 2021, 11:21:12 PM5/10/21
Dear LAPS Board Members,

This email is in response to the Google Survey Results and the proposed options for participation in the  Extended Learning Time (ELTP) for K-6+ students. I would respectful request you to consider the following:
1. The Google Survey results are definitive. There isn't a single majority stakeholder (teacher, staff, student, or parent) in favor of the added days!
2. By its nature, a Google Survey is limited in it's polling population. If further consideration is warrented, a more wide ranging and robust community survey method should be considered.
3. Commissioning of a School Calendar Research and Design Team at this stage is a waste of money and effort - see the Google Survey results. If the board is serious about ELTP, consider a more robust community survey. If that action  indicates stakeholder interest, then consider commissioning the R&D Team.

As a parent of a child entering Kindergarten this fall ('21) and another planned to enroll the fall of ('23), I'm invested in seeing my children succeed in LAPS. 

Thank you for your consideration.
Grant Fox

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