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Victoria Daley

Oct 13, 2020, 9:51:19 AM10/13/20
My concern isn't so much about having the children in the school, but the lack of staffing to make it safe and supportive of our elementary school teachers.  Not having a planning period every day is unacceptable.  The classroom teachers will be in their room with students all day.  This does not give them time to grade, plan or check on their students who are remote.  The best education for the students is, I believe, the "mini-hybrid" model that our school wanted, but that only Chamisa has been allowed to implement.  All students will receive remote instruction in the morning and the afternoon can be spent meeting the individual needs of the students.  It also allows for teacher planning time.  It treats teachers as professionals rather than babysitters.  I know most of my colleagues feel the same way, so please please listen to them.

Please consider this option for morning remote for elementary schools and the afternoon for hybrid.  Thank you.

Vickie Daley
Tiger Pride!
Aspen GATE

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