Proposed calendar With instructional hours approach, not school days

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Es Daly

Mar 14, 2023, 12:41:22 PM3/14/23
to, Es Daly
If I recall correctly, New Mexico voted  to allow instructional hours rather than instructional days for the proposed school years. I would like to see a calendar for elementary students that eliminates the Wednesday afternoons off and uses  those hours for additional instructional time.  I recall that Wednesday afternoons off  were implemented to allow additional planning time for the elementary teachers, so they would be comparable with the secondary grade levels. Instead let’s add an additional paid  hour at the end of the day for teacher  planning, prep and developmental purposes. This would add three additional hours per week instructional time  while adding two  additional professional development time 

Los alamos is not the typical New Mexican school district where a significant need exists to address summer learning loss.  Rather we are a very international community and summer is used to visit home countries of those who live here. I’m certain the teachers would enjoy an extended summer break rather than progressing towards you around school.  Please consider moving to a school week that is consistent in starting and ending times and has the longest summer break possible.
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