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Heather Sims

Jan 12, 2021, 2:51:21 PM1/12/21
To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing to show support for the new schedule beginning on January 19th. While it is nowhere near ideal, nothing is in the time of COVID. Our public school teachers are the unsung heroes of this town and they deserve as much consistency, support, and stability as possible. I have many friends that are LAPS employees and I cannot express to you the relief they have shown at knowing the district is committed to one model for the remainder of the year until it is as safe as possible for a full return. 
I am dismayed at the comments I have seen online that show a complete disregard for the fact that elementary students do not attend school alone and instead, there are teachers, instructional assistants, bus drivers, food service workers, and a slew of other LAPS staff that will also be present on campus. We owe it to them to remain in one model that prioritizes their safety. This town has a history of doing remarkable things and pulling together to support one another during this uncertain time is necessary and achievable. Please continue to keep our school staff safe as I am worried that we are putting the weight of this situation and constant changes on their shoulders. 
Heather Sims

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