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Margaret "Maggie" Moore

Jan 5, 2021, 8:21:49 PM1/5/21
to School Board Public Comments
Members of the Los Alamos School Board, 

I write today to, again, urge you to not send the Los Alamos Elementary schools back to hybrid.  Statistics relating to our county's numbers do not support putting our children into rooms with staff.  When the decision was made to go back to remote on November 13th, the cumulative number of cases in Los Alamos County was 84.  Since that time, the number has more than tripled, and at a very quick pace.  Why would going back to remote be necessary back in November but no longer be necessary now that the number of cases is increasing even faster?

Please act to keep our kids and staff safe and remain in the remote learning model.

Maggie Moore
First Grade Teacher
Mountain Elementary School

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