Please free our little Ones of the masks!

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Heike Wilcox

Feb 21, 2022, 11:42:06 PM2/21/22
to School Board Public Comments
Dear School Board and community members,

It is disheartening to see how our littlest Ones will have to keep their masks on.
It seems like they are being punished for being young. We are signaling with that that they are not worthy to be free and that they are "germ-spreaders". 
Yes, the youngest ones are building their immune system until about 8 years old and will be coming home with colds, etc. but that is their building block for a strong immune system. 
My fear is that they are missing out on building their immune system and risk getting more sick, not even addressing the psychological consequences, telling them "they don't matter" and they are "germ-spreaders" and to be "quiet" and comply. 

Every parent goes through the immune building phase of their children and that is part of being a parent. Perhaps there can be a better solution for the little Ones.
Praying for parents to use their innate wisdom, connecting in their hearts and following their intuition on what is best for their children.

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