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Mirka and James

Feb 21, 2022, 6:19:08 PM2/21/22
Good afternoon, 

I am writing this email in support of keeping mask requirements inside of school. Masks are a very important part for keeping the "Swiss cheese" model working and protect our children and community.

Please consider the impact on children with underlying conditions or children with family members that are immunocompromised. There are also many children that have anxiety about Covid and stress about getting sick at school already. Removing mask requirement might push many of them over. Remote learning or homeschooling are not suitable for everyone and these children and their families would be left with no viable option. 

Almost any school official's communication includes statement that safety of students is their number one priority. This is a wonderful opportunity to show that you mean it. The community spread is still extremely high and the county is considered by CDC to be at extremely high risk. Please help protect our children from becoming sick and missing school; over the last two years they have already missed so many important school related experiences.

Thank you, 
Mirka Caruthers 
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