Extended Learning Plan and Funding

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May 10, 2021, 3:35:42 PM5/10/21
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Dear Los Alamos School Board Members,

I am a junior attending Los Alamos High School. I have two brothers at Barranca Mesa Elementary School, one sister at Los Alamos Middle School, and another sister attending Los Alamos High School. I have been performing for the school's plays and musicals most often as a lead ever since I moved to Los Alamos right before my freshman year. 

What I find most important is quality time I dedicate to myself and my interests; as well as time to work a job to financially prepare for the future - all without the sacrifice of spending less time with my family. From where I stand, the calendars with year-round schedules will not work for me and what I care most about.

As a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have been preparing for a two year religious mission for most of my teenage life. I have done this with consistent study and family support. This mission is important to me. However, if I do not have the chance to work two full summers earning money for that purpose, I will not have sufficient funds to go on that mission. With the jobs I plan to work and the hours I intend to commit to, a year-round school year will not allow me to follow through on my plans to serve my church.

Three of my four siblings have attended Barranca Mesa elementary school. Out of all the time they spend there and the stories they could tell, most of the stories they have told me have been passionate and fun. Skiing trips, field trips, extracurriculars outside of school time - all of those things are similar in the fact that they are enjoyable. Even I, with the hundreds of hours I have given to the Olions drama club, find that the most influential experiences I have had come from doing what I enjoy. If the year-round schedule is allowed to happen, I will be forced to work jobs during the school year and not leave enough time to do what I enjoy and cultivate my creative talents. 

All this is written to discourage the use of year-round school. I am in support of increasing the school year to acquire better funding but will plead for any calendar that does not utilize the restricting year-round schedule. 

Thank you for your attention and consideration.

Kind regards, Elijah Hanks  


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