In-Person Time is Invaluable for Our Kids

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Bethany Scott

Jan 11, 2021, 4:29:59 PM1/11/21
to School Board Public Comments
While I'm disappointed in the significant reduction of time our students will have in-person under the new schedule, I understand the wisdom in making the change if we can expect staying in hybrid for the long-term. It does provide a little more time for teachers and consistency of instruction for students. 

Even if in-person time is shortened, it is still essential for our kids to have the opportunity to be in-person as much as possible. The simple act of leaving the house and interacting with kids their age "in real life" (as my kindergartner says) makes a huge difference for my children.

Over the break, I spoke with a member of a school board in Utah (where cases have been significantly higher than ours since last summer). She said that they have not had to shut down or move to hybrid a single one of their elementary schools--despite the uncontrolled spread in their community. All activities we engage in require some level of risk. I still believe that the risk of our children falling behind academically, being stunted socially, and suffering mentally is just as important to consider as potential risk from the virus. The new schedule offers a good compromise as far as safety (no lunch at school) and getting to be there at least some time each week. Please stand up for our kids' need to interact in person with teachers and peers. They desperately need it.

Thanks for your time and dedication to our kids.

Bethany Scott
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