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DeYoe, Tina

Jul 19, 2021, 1:21:52 PM7/19/21
to,, Ellen Ben-Naim,,
Hello School Board Members! 
I am writing a letter to fully endorse Erin Green to fill Dawn Jalbert's position on the School Board! 
I live in District 5 and would LOVE to see Erin Green as my district's representative on the School Board! 
I have worked with Erin Green in many capacities, most frequently at the Unitarian Universalist Church here in Los Alamos. I am the Director of Interfaith Religious Education at the Unitarian Church and Erin has served as my Religious Education Committee Chairperson for 2 years. Erin also has volunteered and taught numerous ages in our church. Erin is currently teaching an anti-racism class for all ages with myself and other church members. 
Erin is passionate about improving education for ALL! Erin thinks outside of the box when it comes to problem solving. Erin is creative and has great ideas for engaging all different types of learning styles and the many different intelligences that our kids and youth exhibit. 
Erin is invested in our community education. She has started education programs like Forest School & STEAM Lab. Erin has been part of sexual violence prevention education with Strong in Nature. She also works on the County's Racial Equity and Inclusivity Task Force. Erin creates strong educational programs for her own kids and other kids who are in the homeschooling community. She helps lead educational programs with Girl Scouts. 
Erin is very much invested in the holistic community education of our kids and youth inside and outside the classroom. 
This is why I would like to endorse Erin Green as my district's School Board representative! 

Thank you!

-- Tina DeYoe

Tina DeYoe - she/her
Director of Lifespan Religious Education at
The Unitarian Church of Los Alamos, NM

Office Hours: 
Monday - Day Off (Sabbath)
Tuesday-Thursday - 10-3pm
Friday - By appointment only (In and Out of the office) 

"A candle is a small thing, but one candle can light another. As it gives its flame to the other, see how its own light... increases!" -- Howard Thurman
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