New Hybrid Schedule with no notice

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Karen Morris

Jan 7, 2021, 12:32:34 PM1/7/21
to Ellen Ben-Naim,,, Dawn Jalbert,,, Kurt Steinhaus, Brian Grass
Dear Chairman Ben-Naim & Members of the Board,

Thank you once again for serving our community during this difficult time. Your time and efforts are appreciated.

Yesterday, LAPS blindsided parents when - with less than two weeks notice - an entirely new schedule for "hybrid" was released. It reduced in person classroom instruction time from approximately 7 hours a day to less than 2, two days a week. AND it said this would be the schedule for the rest of the year! This is shocking and incredibly disturbing. It feels like a complete abdication of the district's responsibility to educate our children. A teacher will see my children less than 4 hours a week?? 

My youngest child is hard of hearing and as I have explained many times before, remote learning only works as well as you can hear. It is NOT meeting her needs. My gifted 6th grader who has loved school her entire life is devastated by the change and now says "why bother?" about school.

I feel helpless and completely shoved aside by LAPS. LAPS offers an online academy for those who do not want their children in school, but nothing for those of us who wish to be in person. Do not even insult me by suggesting less than 4 hours a week is "in person". 

I give a lot of my time to the district by serving in our PTA as well as working as a substitute teacher. I worked every day my children were in the school building last fall. How can I continue to care about a district that so obviously doesn't want my kids in the classroom?! It is frustrating and so upsetting. I urge the board to reconsider this schedule.

Thank you,
Karen Morris
Mountain Elementary parent

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