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Lisabeth Lueninghoener

Jul 22, 2021, 4:35:13 PM7/22/21
My kids desperately need to return to in person schooling this fall, but that requires a safe environment for them to return to.  Nickole Aguilar Garcia has many times and in many places expressed that mask wearing is a violation of her rights. 

I am concerned she will take this individualistic thinking into our schools and deny many children, including my own, the right to a safe education.  My kids have often subsisted on peanut butter, however I have never felt their "rights" were infringed upon when asked to "sacrifice" for the safety of their fellow classmate.  I can't imagine we'd be entertaining a school board member who would hold such a view.

I am in the Barranca School District, but more than ever, this choice affects all of us and I will be deeply alarmed if our current board members appoint someone so very anti-science to replace Ms. Jalbert who argued for science, safety, and teachers at every turn.

Lisabeth Lueninghoener
91 Zuni St
Los Alamos
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