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May 11, 2021, 10:01:34 AM5/11/21
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Dear school board members,
My name is Ezri Vigil and I am junor at Los Alamos High School and I
have a little brother going into high school next year. I am reaching
out to give my opinion on what we should do with extended learning if
we go this route.

This extended learning has the potential to offer more hands on
learning. It could offer more time to plan field trips. I have not
been on a field trip since I was in middle school. Field trips offer
the most memorable learning experience. We could also use this
learning time to more prepare the high school students for the future.
Instead of constant in class learning. Not using this extra time for
more active learning and with the money we are getting we have money
to pay for these hands on learning.

If we extend learning the calendar that would be the best option for
us would be V6 balanced. This would be the best because for one I
would not be as noticeable for students. Keeping it balanced would
still keep the schools year norm while still adding these extra days.

Ezri Vigil

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