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Michael Ham

Oct 13, 2020, 7:41:57 PM10/13/20
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School Board Members,

Please make a data informed decision with regards to switching to hybrid. NM is not in a place to increase activities. Please hold off until our state has a better handle on the Covid situation. We are on the brink of uncontrollable spread. 

And when the change is made, please make plans based on the research and modeling. Linked is modeling done at LANL. Current plans do not follow the recommendations about eating at school. Several schools plan to have 40-50 kids with no masks eating in one space. Below is the LANL recommendation.

Eating is handled in a way that does not contribute to covid-19 spread, e.g. • Middle and High schoolers do not eat at school. • Snacks only for elementary school - no talking with masks off and at least 6 ft separation.

Thank you,
Michael Ham
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