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Mary Grace

May 23, 2024, 7:00:14 PMMay 23
to School Board Public Comments
I would like to begin by saying I love teaching at Los Alamos High School.  I am also incredibly grateful that my children graduated from LAHS and I believe their attending and being an active part of the high school played a major role in their present day success. However, I have to be honest and address how disappointed I am to hear that Davonna McQuarters, the school social worker's position, has been cut from the budget for the upcoming school year.  I am also very disappointed to hear that the school district cannot find a way to fund Cindy Black's current position as TVA counselor.

A school social worker is someone who holistically supports the students, provides crisis response, the promotion of equity and inclusion, and actively engages in the promotion of the academic, social, and emotional success of all students.  Davonna, in her first year, was just getting underway.  Cindy Black, who counseled both of my children, has given 19 years of service to the high school. I along with I am sure hundreds of families would agree that her dedication and compassion made a lasting difference in our children's lives.  Her contributions to my family specifically were invaluable.  

I am respectfully urging you to reconsider these recent decisions, as I strongly believe that it would serve the best interests of everyone involved- students, families and the broader school community. Reversing these decisions would demonstrate a commitment to prioritizing the well being of our students.  I do understand the challenges that the school board faces in making difficult decisions with regard to budgetary constraints and resource allocation but I urge you to consider who will be impacted by these particular two.  

Mary Grace

Mary M. Grace NBCT

LAHS Visual Arts Instructor

NAEA/NMAEA member 2000-

AFT/LAFSE member 2010-

505 663-2588

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