No consideration for out of district students

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Monica Naranjo

Jan 12, 2021, 11:55:48 AM1/12/21
to School Board Public Comments
LAPS School Board Members,

 In reference to the new hybrid schedule, what about students who are out of district?  How are parents of these students supposed to facilitate this new schedule, and maintain their own work schedule's at the same time? Personally, my family is not prepared, nor willing to even attempt to make 2 round trips twice a week especially for only 4 hours of in person learning.  

Please consider returning to the first hybrid schedule that all LAPS elementary schools are already accustomed to. Although it was not 100% ideal (nothing during COVID is 100% ideal), it is something families have already gone through, understood, and practiced.  

On another note, please consider the students who receive ancillary services and resource services.  When are they going to get the services that help them to learn if they are only in school, in person for 4 hours a week?  


Monica Naranjo
Mountain, LAMS, & LAHS parent & LAPS Employee
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