implement greenhouse gas impacts in any school discussions

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Mary Daly

Nov 5, 2022, 8:03:46 PM11/5/22
to School Board Public Comments
Although I realize the proposed maps published in the Nov 8th packet are for school board elections their label could imply future redistricting school assignment.  I urge the school board to implement a greenhouse gas impact in any decision factor regarding school attendance whether for elementary, middle or high school.  School buses  run every day to transport our kids back and forth 180 days a year are a  major contributor to greenhouse gases for Los Alamos County residents. Electric buses are not the answer as they cost $ 350,000 to  $400,000 versus $125,000 to $150,000 for a traditional diesel fueled bus.   A better answer is  to design  school district boundaries to encourage walking and biking similar to how Chamisa serves its students and how Barranca Elementary  serves barranca mesa. .  Your future growth area map and various versions of county plans indicate that the growth area will be higher at the entrance to town, near where the closed Canyon school is located.  Within one mile  the new apartment  complex is located, current school kids being bused to aspen,   and  potential new apartments are to be built  in that area.  I know that there are optimum  elementary school sizes   and this may not meet all  criteria.  I am aware that some bus transportation must be provided for special ed students but please consider greenhouse gas impacts in all school decisions.  Your decisions make a difference.  
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