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Joyce Brinton Anderson

Jan 11, 2021, 5:22:13 PM1/11/21
Dear Board Members, Dr Steinhaus, Mrs. Guy, et. al.

I'm writing today to express frustration with the new schedule for the elementary schools starting on January 19th.  I'm concerned that we went from ~14 hours of in-person instruction time at school to ~4 hours.   Why the reduction? It seems counter productive to do this to our kids.

Second, I am concerned that the board is going to reverse course and vote to stay in remote mode without end.  Students of all ages, from kinder to seniors in high school are safely attending school in other states. Why does New Mexico continue to ignore science and the current information out there?   School is the safest place for kids right now. We are almost at the year mark of this insanity.  When does it end?

I withdrew my third grade son because remote school nearly destroyed him.  My sixth grade son, who has an IEP, continues to struggle with not enough direct instruction time from his regular ed teachers and his resource teacher.   Our teachers are frustrated too, because they cannot teach their students and meet their needs.  

If LAPS meets all state guidelines we need to return to full remote with as much in-person instruction time as possible.  I also hope that the board and Dr. Steinhaus will start putting pressure on the PED to fully open all schools.  As I have said, children in other states are attending school, in person, without problems. 

Thank you for your consideration,
Joyce Anderson
Barranca Mesa parent.
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