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Tracy Thompson

Feb 8, 2021, 8:03:07 PM2/8/21
to School Board Public Comments
Dear School Board Members and LAHS Administrators,

As an LAHS English teacher, I want to urge you to delay the start of hybrid learning for high school students until teachers are vaccinated. 

While we all agree that it is impossible to recreate all the social benefits of in person learning while teaching remotely, I strongly disagree with the idea that our children are not learning.  Teachers are delivering world-class lessons to their students. In my classes, students read, write, analyze, discuss, collaborate, and create.  I see critical thinking going on that rivals that of adults. Every teacher I talk to is doing the same. What students are missing is seeing their friends in person: hanging out in the common areas, having lunch together, pushing their desks together in class to work in groups.  Those activities, of course, will rightly not be allowed during hybrid learning because they are not safe.  In other words, high school students will not be allowed to act like high schoolers.

In addition, teenagers do not assess risk the same way adults do, and some will likely attempt to skirt the rules from time to time.  Many adults in a room with their friends would be tempted to do the same. But not strictly following the rules will place everyone--students, teachers, and families--at risk. 

Since we are so close to being able to vaccinate teachers, it makes sense to wait to start hybrid learning.  In the meantime, I would like to see NMAA uncouple sports from the hybrid requirement, allowing students to get back some of the activities they are craving because that is what they are missing.


Tracy Thompson
LAHS English Teacher

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