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Vivek Puri

Jan 25, 2022, 12:24:18 PM1/25/22


I came across your online learning content and found it to be useful for a lot of people. My company runs the LearnDesk Marketplace, a popular learning website visited by 100 million+ people a year.

We offer learning content creators access to a large community of students, a revenue share of up to 90%, and dedicated marketing support. You can sell knowledge in the form of recorded content, live classes 1-1 or groups, ebooks, documents, or distribute content to gain exposure.

I would like to provide information on how we can work together to get you more users for your learning content. Please schedule a phone meeting with me using this link to learn more.

Vivek Puri
LearnDesk Marketplace
4695 Chabot Drive #200
Pleasanton, CA 94568
+1 (925) 558-2716

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