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Apr 18, 2023, 3:10:02 PM4/18/23
Dear School Board and Superintendent Guy,
  I wanted to thank you for putting forward the initiative to give more certified teaching time at the high school to help maintain smaller class sizes and ensure staff does not have to travel between schools.  My daughter is hoping to take a third year of a foreign language next year and is concerned that there may not be a teacher to teach the class.
  I would ask that as you implement the free breakfast and lunches for the schools that you look at the results of the free lunches over covid, and that you poll the students and parents.  Our family has some concerns regarding the implementation.
    Logisitics:  Part of why my elementary school daughter brings a home lunch is because if she stood in line for school lunch, on some days she would only have about 10 minutes to eat lunch
    Quality of Food:  During Covid my elementary school daughter brought home lunch and we ended up throwing away a lot of it.  We had a number of milk cartons that were expired or sour, unripe fruit, and entrees that she refused to eat.  My middle school and high school student during covid, told me stories of students who would actively avoid the lunch servers and even run from them because they did not want the food.  They also said that students who did eat the free lunches would have their friends collect multiple meals for them, so that they could get enough to eat.
    Breakfast: My high schooler is very unhappy about the idea of possibly having to go to school to watch others eat, because she does not want to eat the breakfasts at the school.

I'm grateful that the school is providing breakfast and lunch to those who need it, but would ask that you please make it optional, and don't try to force those students who do not want it to have it.  Thank you for your time.


Jeanette Moss

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