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SA Creel

Jan 11, 2021, 1:04:50 PM1/11/21
Dear Dr. Steinhaus,

I would like to request that LAPS consider a new approach in the future within the Parent Newsletter of responding to the community's concerns and questions regarding LAPS projects and performance. Using the Myth Busters approach feels a bit antagonistic towards real concerns folks have regarding our only school system. Rather than calling out concerns and labeling them "Comment" under the title of Myth Busters and then utilizing the term "Fact" to respond insinuates that the genuine concerns people have regarding LAPS performance are somehow fictional when, in fact, they are only concerns and opinions, not necessarily something that can be labeled untrue. Regardless, I feel that a more beneficial approach could be utilized to communicate positive progress LAPS is making. At the end of the day, we are all on the same team caring about our students and school system. We all share the common goal of making this the best school system for all of our students and our community. It would be appreciated if that attitude was central to all communications regarding LAPS. It is understandable that skepticism within the community may be frustrating at times but simply stating actions taken with positive results on the part of LAPS would seem to be proof enough without utilizing the Myth Busters approach. In addition, it seems possible to me that actually asking folks to email in comments for Myth Busters may only fuel antagonistic feelings amongst our community. I certainly appreciate all the accomplishments LAPS is making and look forward to more successes within our school system.


Stephanie Creel

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