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Sean Stanfield

Feb 10, 2022, 11:56:24 AM2/10/22
Board Members,

          We all appreciate the time it takes to be a school board member.  Currently we as a family don't see a reason to place another individual on the COVID task force.  The current PED rules were put together by a group of qualified professionals.  Adding an epidemiologist who would just start second guessing the state guidelines is not reasonable or practical.  There is a reason it is a task force to react to issues quickly, assisting both students and teachers. This is merely a push by individuals in this community to force their views onto other individuals.  
            The board needs to continue to allow the administration to perform.  It looks like significant micro management currently when board members are discussing purchasing picnic tables.  The board needs to look at strategic options moving forward as we move out of COVID.  Staying in the past with Draconian COVID measures does not move this community forward.  

Thanks for your time,
Sean Stanfield
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