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Kyle Gardner

Feb 3, 2022, 3:47:11 PM2/3/22
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Good afternoon,

I am a resident of White Rock, District 2. Three of my children attend Chamisa Elementary.

I gather there is a proposal to discuss appointing an epidemiologist as head of the school district's COVID task force. I am writing to register my disapproval of this course of action and to express support for Jennifer Guy to continue representing the task force at school board meetings.

I would also like to express my disapproval of LAPS's approach to COVID generally. The disease is not a threat to children, and they should not be made to bear the burden of protecting adults. Masking must be optional, not compulsory. Children in their formative years need to see, and be seen by, their teachers and peers. We are doing them great harm by denying them this most basic aspect of sociality.


Kyle Gardner
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