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May 11, 2021, 10:33:18 AM5/11/21
to, School Board Public Comments
Dear Ellen Ben-Naim,

My name is Jennie Gao and I am a current Junior at LAHS. I am emailing because I don't believe a new extended calendar would be that beneficial to our school and our students. 4.7 million dollars of additional funding is by no means a small sum, but LAPS does not need this money considering our current facilities.

In all likelihood, the only benefit to having a new extended schedule would probably be economic. For many kids, an additional 10 days of school isn't going to make a huge difference in their learning, but it is also potentially 10 days of precious summer break cut out. Frankly, as a soon-to-be Senior who will likely experience the classic senioritis, I'm not huge on having an additional 10 days to our schedule. Especially since some calendar options mean extending past AP exams, I, along with many other students, would be pretty checked out by then.

I understand that other calendar options might not cut into summer break, but they still cut into other breaks like winter break and don't even take inclement weather into consideration. To me, a new calendar just seems like a cash grab, and LAPS is absolutely not lacking in this department.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email. 

Jennie Gao 

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