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Schroeder, John

Mar 10, 2021, 3:47:33 PM3/10/21
to,,, Dawn Jalbert,,,,

Dear President Colgan and Members of the School Board,


I would like to start my letter with a message of appreciation.  While I have not always agreed with the outcomes at all Board Meetings, I still appreciate the massive undertaking that the Los Alamos Public School Board Members have had to navigate over the past year.  Making decisions with limited data, future uncertainty and the knowledge that each decision would upset roughly half of the school community is commendable.  I also have a deep appreciation for the enormous lift that Dr. Steinhaus, his administration and all the teachers and staff in the district have taken on this year as well.  Ever-changing requirements, national, state and local circumstances, and many vocal parents and staff over the past year have surely made the path a challenging one.


While many may question why we should return to school with 2 months remaining in the school year, I can attest that our 1st grader at Mountain Elementary will benefit significantly from doing so.  As of the date of this letter, he has only experienced roughly 2/3 of Kindergarten in-person and the sprinkling of some in person hybrid learning during 1st grade.  Being able to get 2 months of full time in-person learning would be a significant boost to his education, mental health and social skills. It would also better set him up for success as he enters 2nd grade in the fall with a clearer understanding of what is expected of him when he arrives.


I believe many schools across the country have shown full in-person school can be implemented successful, even during the worst peaks of the pandemic. Therefore, LAPS can certainly be successful in the current positive trending environment in our corner of northern New Mexico. We look forward to the transition to full in-person learning on April 5th.





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