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Elaine Drees

May 22, 2024, 3:04:17 PMMay 22
I am unable to attend this meeting in person, but write to encourage the school board to revise and re submit a new school year calendar for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. I was extremely disappointed when I saw the calendar release for the upcoming year. With the recent judge ruling (, our district is able to submit a new calendar. 

Right now the upcoming year is 187 days. I recommend reducing this to 182 days by moving the start date to August 12. 

I also strongly encourage the board to find a way to have school end for all students on the Friday before graduation. It is difficult for students to prepare and return to take finals following a weekend where the town is in full graduation mode. I expect the distraction and disruption of graduation will likely impact student performance at the high school and middle school finals in a negative way.

You have the ability to improve the school calendar for the 2024-2025 school year and make it workable for students , staff, teachers, and families of Los Alamos. Please take steps to make these changes as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Elaine Drees

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