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Jamie Cardon

Feb 6, 2022, 10:48:59 PM2/6/22
I have 4 children in the public schools in Los Alamos. 

I understand that the school board is considering adding lab employees to the COVID task group. I think this would be an error. We need to make forward progress and make fewer restrictions and requirements for our children.

There are things in place to protect individuals (such as vaccines, booster shots, KN95 masks, and the Online Academy). We do not need to keep jumping through hoops to protect everyone when we can all protect ourselves if we choose to. We can continue to follow CDC guidelines and state guidelines, but we do not need to be more restrictive than that. 

Our children and our community have been under a great deal of strain and stress from the restrictions brought about by COVID. We need to try and move forward in order to continue to lessen the strain on everyone.  Children should be able to eat lunch inside if they want to, especially in winter weather. They should be able to be with their friends at lunch and recess. They should be able to participate in after school activities. Please don't make plans to take away activities like sports, prom, etc. or to make more restrictive requirements for the students. That would be a huge step backward.

Please help our schools and children continue to make forward progress. 

Thank you.

Jamie Cardon
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