Gemini launched! (sorta) --> Dec 13th?

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Alan Blount

Dec 6, 2023, 1:50:10 PM12/6/23
Sharing w/ you all since I'm all hyped up...

But... we can't play with it yet. (doh!)

I'm pretty sure it will be available on Dec 13th (kyoss meeting date),
at Labs/MakerSuite (easy onboarding):
and also at Vertex AI (more for enterprise):

I'm now on the Vertex AI team @ Google and asked my colleague "ok how real is all of that demo" (because I still have only had very limited access) and she said "for gemini ultra, it's real"... 🙀

Also, I have a session on the Dec 13th virtual summit:
(pre-recorded and I'm kinda terrible... but hey...)

A few other really cool things I'm a small part of:
  • Breadboard graph building kit for LLMs
  • Vertex AI Search (RAG search with crazy stats, pretty easy to use)
  • Vertex AI Conversation (use RAG search & API functions to build very sophisticated / complicated chatbots, not yet easy, enterprise focused)
Not yet released:
  • GenKit from Firebase (for node/ts devs)
  • Vertex AI (Conversation | Agents) created with Playbooks interop between high-code and no-code (close)
  • Gen AI stuff from Flutter (maybe)

Wanna have some open conversations about Gen AI stuff on Wed Dec 13th, or are you all sick of talking about it?

I am a human person and I wrote the above message.

Deven Phillips

Dec 6, 2023, 3:05:05 PM12/6/23
Cool stuff Alan!

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