[ANNOUNCEMENT] v1.31 Call for Enhancements

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Sreeram Venkitesh

May 16, 2024, 12:17:46 AMMay 16
to dev
Hello Kubernetes community!

The v1.31 release cycle has begun and we are now actively collecting enhancements.  

Actions Required:

  • SIG Leads:

    • Discuss within your SIG which enhancements you will be proposing for this release

    • Opt in for enhancements byapplying the current milestone (v1.31) and "lead-opted-in" label on the tracking issues in kubernetes/enhancements[1] 

  • Enhancements owners:

  • Reviewers/Approvers:

    • Please add the “kind/deprecation” label to PRs as appropriate (this is a big help for the Comms team!)

Enhancements will be tracked throughout the release using the 1.31 Enhancements Tracking GitHub Project board [8]. More information on the enhancements process can be found on the kubernetes/enhancements [1] repository.  
All enhancements should plan to opt-in well before the Production Readiness Review Freeze (Thursday, 6th June 2024) to ensure adequate time for reviews. Enhancements opted-in after this deadline will be at risk for inclusion in the release.  

v1.31 Release Cycle timeline:

The tentative major milestones for the 1.31 release are the following:

  • Release Cycle begins – Monday, 13th May, 2024

  • Production Readiness Review Freeze – Thursday, 6th June 2024

  • Enhancements Freeze – 02:00 UTC Friday, 14th June 2024 / 19:00 PDT Thursday, 13th June 2024

  • Code Freeze – 02:00 UTC Wednesday, 10th July 2024 / 19:00 PDT Tuesday, 9th July 2024

  • Test Freeze – 01:00 UTC Wednesday, 31st July 2024 / 19:00 PDT Tuesday, 30th July 2024

  • Docs Freeze - Tuesday, 30th July August 2024

  • Release Day – Tuesday 13th August 2024


Full schedule: https://github.com/kubernetes/sig-release/tree/master/releases/release-1.31

Enhancements project board: https://bit.ly/k8s131-enhancements

Slack Channels:

Have any questions? Please do reach out!  

Sreeram Venkitesh, v1.31 Enhancements Lead


[2] https://github.com/kubernetes/sig-release/blob/master/releases/release_phases.md#enhancements-freeze

[3] https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/blob/master/keps/NNNN-kep-template/kep.yaml#L9

[4] https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/blob/master/keps/NNNN-kep-template/kep.yaml#L30

[5] https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/tree/master/keps/NNNN-kep-template


[7] https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/blob/master/docs/glossary.md#production-readiness-review-prr

[8] https://bit.ly/k8s131-enhancements

[9] https://kubernetes.slack.com/archives/C02BY55KV7E

[10] https://kubernetes.slack.com/archives/C2C40FMN

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