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Natali Vlatko

Apr 30, 2024, 4:00:44 AMApr 30
to, dev

A huge hello from SIG Docs!

2024 is already setting out to be a big year for our SIG, with three Tech Leads stepping down and moving on to different areas of the project.

Karen Bradshaw, Taylor Dolezal, and Tim Bannister have all served as SIG Docs Tech Leads for many years; their contributions and improvements to Kubernetes docs, blogs, and our project's website have been tremendous in their impact. We want to extend a giant and sincere thank you to them all for their time, expertise, and stewardship of the Kubernetes documentation. Please join us in congratulating them on their soon-to-be Emeritus status!

While all three folks will step back fully from their Tech Lead roles, Tim Bannister will continue to be an approver/reviewer of the Kubernetes Blog for the time being, focusing on growing the subproject team and handing it over to a new lead. If you’re interested in joining the blog team as a reviewer, we want to hear from you. Tim will also continue to be a reviewer/approver for the English documentation long term, while Karen and Taylor step back from these duties.

On behalf of the current SIG Docs leadership team (Divya Mohan, Rey Lejano, Qiming Teng, and myself), we're proposing the following changes to our leadership roster:

  • Xander Grzywinski is being nominated as a new Tech Lead for SIG Docs

  • Kat Cosgrove is also being nominated as a new Tech Lead for SIG Docs

  • Rey Lejano will step into a temporary Tech Lead role, alongside his Co-chair duties, to help with this transition

  • Arsh Sharma has stepped down as New Contributor Ambassador, with Sreeram Venkitesh taking on this role

  • Dipesh Rawat is officially joining our approvers team for the website

Xander has been a regular and dependable contributor and maintainer of Kubernetes across SIG Release, SIG ContribEx, and most recently, SIG Docs. We're excited for Xander to step into an SME role for some of our less-loved subprojects.

Kat was instrumental in pushing for the changes SIG Docs asked for in the release process of the project, ensuring docs weren't a mismanaged or forgotten part of the enhancements process. We're thrilled to give Kat a little more work and pile on to her other role as Release Team Subproject lead.

Arsh served diligently as our first New Contributor Ambassador, helping new community members find their feet amongst SIG Docs and the rest of the project. Arsh passes on the baton to Sreeram, who has gone above and beyond to help contributors of all expertise levels navigate our SIG. We’re excited to see Sreeram continue to shine in this new role.

Dipesh is a brilliant example of how the contributor ladder works in Kubernetes; his involvement in SIG Docs has helped him move up the different stages of contribution, where we hope to keep nurturing his growth and expertise as one of our approvers and new PR Wranglers. Congratulations, Dipesh!

The lazy consensus deadline for this proposal is one week from the date of this email: May 8, 2024 (EOD in any timezone). This email is sent in accordance with the process updates for SIG leadership transitions.

If you have any questions about this transition proposal, see below for the different ways to get in touch with us:


Natali Vlatko, on behalf of SIG Docs

Divya Mohan

Apr 30, 2024, 4:07:36 AMApr 30
to Natali Vlatko, kubernetes-sig-docs, dev
Grateful to all the Emeritus tech leads and Arsh for their leadership and expertise in making SIG Docs what it is today!

Massive congratulations to all the incoming folks and we cannot wait to see what you do next💜


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Sean McGinnis

Apr 30, 2024, 6:42:01 AMApr 30
to,, dev
+1 to all nominations. Very well deserved recognition for all they do.

And a big thank you to the emeritus leads for all the work they've done (and continue to do).

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Shannon Kularathna

Apr 30, 2024, 7:00:45 AMApr 30
to,, dev
So so happy for all  of the incoming peeps!!! Congratulations especially to the new leaders in the project 😁 and wow, thank you to Tim, Taylor, and Karen for their blood, sweat, and tears shed in making the website a better place for readers and contributors. Y'all are an inspiration 💙


Stephen Augustus

Apr 30, 2024, 7:23:41 AMApr 30
to,, dev
Great to see the next generation of SIG Docs leadership emerging.

Karen, Taylor, Tim, Arsh—thanks for all of your hard work!
Xander and Kat—congrats on your TL nominations!
Sreeram and Dipesh—congrats on your new roles!



Rey Lejano

Apr 30, 2024, 9:46:26 AMApr 30
to,, dev
Thank you Tim, Taylor, Karen, and Arsh for all your contributions and mentorship of not only me but many contributors.
Congratulations to Xander and Kat on your TL nominations.
Congratulations to Dipesh and Sreeram on your new roles.

Kind regards,


Ricardo Amaro

May 1, 2024, 8:38:49 AMMay 1
to,, dev

Awesome news!

Congratulations and really looking forward to work more with you all! 🙂



Marko Mudrinić

May 2, 2024, 7:25:05 AMMay 2
to,,, dev
Those are some awesome news! Very well deserved everyone!

Karen, Taylor, and Tim -- thank you very much for all your work and efforts! Thank you for making the Kubernetes documentation as awesome as it is!
Xander and Kat -- huge congrats on getting nominated as TL!!
Arsh and Dipesh -- congrats on your new roles!!

Maciej Szulik

May 6, 2024, 9:49:12 AMMay 6
to, dev
Great to see these changes! Thanks a ton to Karen, Taylor and Tim and 
congratulations to Xander, Kat, Arsh and Dipesh!

Natali Vlatko

May 11, 2024, 4:52:53 AMMay 11
to, dev
Hi again, everyone!

With lazy consensus passed, the tracking issue for SIG Docs leadership changes is now live at the following:

Another huge welcome to our newest leadership members!

Have a great weekend,
Natali Vlatko, on behalf of SIG Docs
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