[ANNOUNCEMENT] Upgrading EKS-based Prow build cluster to Kubernetes 1.28

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Marko Mudrinić

Oct 5, 2023, 3:15:20 PM10/5/23
to d...@kubernetes.io, kubernetes-sig-k8s-infra, kubernetes-...@googlegroups.com

Dear Kubernetes Community,

We’re planning to upgrade the EKS-based Prow build cluster (eks-prow-build-cluster) from Kubernetes 1.25 to 1.28 tomorrow, Friday, October 6, 2023. The upgrade will happen in the morning of CEST time zone. The upgrade process is expected to take 2-3 hours.

The upgrade path has been already tested[1] and we don’t anticipate any issues. It might happen that some CI jobs fail to start because the control plane components will be rolled out, but if you run into that issue, use `/retest` to restart the affected jobs.

If you run into any issue with your jobs running in the EKS cluster after upgrade, please reach out as soon as possible to SIG K8s Infra via our Slack channel[2].

We’ll send another update once the cluster is successfully updated.

Thank you for understanding.

Marko Mudrinić,

on behalf of Kubernetes SIG K8s infra

[1]: https://github.com/kubernetes/k8s.io/pull/5931

[2]: https://kubernetes.slack.com/archives/CCK68P2Q2

Marko Mudrinić

Oct 6, 2023, 5:25:12 PM10/6/23
to d...@kubernetes.io, kubernetes-sig-k8s-infra, kubernetes-...@googlegroups.com
The EKS Prow build cluster has been successfully upgraded to Kubernetes 1.28 today. If you observe any issues with jobs running in that cluster, please reach out to us as described in the previous email.


Davanum Srinivas

Oct 6, 2023, 5:28:43 PM10/6/23
to Marko Mudrinić, d...@kubernetes.io, kubernetes-sig-k8s-infra, kubernetes-...@googlegroups.com
Thanks for taking care of this Marko!

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