Last call for Kubernetes v1.30 enhancements!

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Kat Cosgrove

Feb 1, 2024, 5:28:29 PMFeb 1

Howdy, y'all!

Enhancements freeze is now just over one week away, scheduled for 02:00 UTC Friday 9th February 2024 / 18:00 PDT Thursday 8th February 2024. This email is a final reminder for enhancements freeze. 

If you are expecting to enter an enhancement into v1.30 that has not yet been added to the enhancements project boardplease reach out to your sponsoring SIG as a matter of urgency to have them opt it in. If you have an enhancement opted-in to the release, please check the project board for the latest status:

  • Tracked: means that the enhancement has met all criteria
  • At Risk: means that the enhancement has NOT yet met all criteria
  • Pending Inclusion: means that the enhancements team has not yet reviewed it

The release enhancements team is actively reviewing all outstanding enhancements. Please ping your enhancements coordinator for more specific updates.

As a reminder: By enhancements freeze, we require that enhancements in the release have met the following criteria:

  • Have a GitHub Issue in the k/enhancements GitHub repository
  • Has a merged KEP in k/enhancements GitHub repository that:
    • Is marked as "implementable" for "latest-milestone: 1.30"
    • Has all relevant sections of the KEP completed.
    • Has a test plan
    • Has graduation criteria
    • Has an approved production readiness review

Enhancements missing this deadline will require an exception.

As of the time of writing, we have 47 enhancements. Of which:

  • 3 are "Tracked"
  • 25 are "At Risk"
  • 18 are “Pending Inclusion”
  • 1 is "Deferred"

By SIG, these enhancements are:

  • api-machinery: 8
  • apps: 6
  • auth: 8
  • autscaling: 1
  • cli: 3
  • instrumentation: 2
  • network: 6
  • node: 2
  • scheduling: 2
  • storage: 8
  • windows: 1

If your SIG is not listed here, then it has not opted in any enhancements for the release. 

If you need any clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out in #release-enhancements on the Kubernetes Slack workspace. 


Kat Cosgrove

Kubernetes v1.30 Release Lead

on behalf of the Release Team

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