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Leonard Pahlke

Sep 1, 2022, 6:42:01 AMSep 1
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Hello Kubernetes community!

We hope everyone enjoyed the two Kubernetes releases this year! Now it's already time to start the process for the third and final release of 2022: Kubernetes 1.26[0].

The release cycle will start next week on Monday 5th September, and we’re targeting Tuesday 6th December for the final release cut. The major milestones for the 1.26 release[1] are the following:

  • Release Cycle begins: Monday, September 5th
  • Enhancements Freeze: Friday, October 7th
  • Code Freeze: Wednesday, November 9th
  • Release Day: Tuesday, December 6th

My name is Leonard Pahlke, and I’m the Release Lead for 1.26, Grace Nguyen, Nate Waddington, Priyanka Saggu and Kat Cosgrove join me as Release Lead Shadows.

With us, we have some amazing role leads:

  • Ryler Hockenbury as Enhancements Lead
  • Nivedita Prasad as CI Signal Lead
  • Hossein Salahi as Bug Triage Lead
  • Carolina Valencia as Docs Lead
  • Rodolfo Martínez Vega as Release Notes Lead
  • Frederico Serrano Muñoz as Communications Lead

We are happy to have Nabarun Pal as our Emeritus Adviser. [2]

Starting next week, we’ll send out some more detailed comms about the release. 

Please don't hesitate to ping us on # sig-release[3] if you have any comments, concerns, or questions.

Thank you!

Leonard Pahlke,

On behalf of the Kubernetes 1.26 Release Team [2]

[0]: kubernetes-release-cadence 
[1]: sig-release/releases/release-1.26 
[2]: sig-release/releases/release-1.26/release-team.md 
[3]: sig-release

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