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Dave Chen

Jul 12, 2022, 10:31:04 PM7/12/22
Hello everyone, 

k/k repo merged Ginkgo V2 pr recently,, we need that because Ginkgo v1 is deprecated, all the new features, enhancement will base on the Ginkgo v2 only. 

This is a breaking change, and needs each sig project's attention on the actions that are required for the smooth migration, primarily, there are two action items, 

- Default timeout has been reduced from 24 hours to 1 hours.
The impact is that if your test needs more time than 1 hours and you haven't set the timeout for the Ginkgo explicitly, Ginkgo will abort earlier than before. We have set the timeout to 24 hours for backward compatibility purposes in k/k, but if your sig hasn't set it before, you might need the change as well.
Here is an example you can follow -

- Ginkgo V2 doesn't accept go test's `-parallel` flags to parallelize Ginkgo specs
If you pass an option like "--test.parallel=30" to Ginkgo, it will complain and fail your test cases. We achieve the parallel execution by setting the `GINKGO_PARALLEL_NODES` environment and setting it with "--nodes" options in k/k.  If your sig has the similar cases, please stop using the "--test.parallel" option accordingly.

Here is an example you can follow -

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by.

Dave Chen

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