Clarification on PRR Freeze

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John Belamaric

Sep 28, 2023, 2:34:20 PM9/28/23
Hi all,

Just a clarification on what "PRR Freeze" means. We ask that everyone have their PRR questions answered by today. This helps ensure we can get to all the reviews in time, and don't have a huge rush in the last couple of days.

You do NOT need to have received an approval or even a review by today.

If your questions are answered by today, we will be sure to get your KEP reviewed in time. That said, we make every effort to review all KEPs right up until KEP freeze, regardless of this "soft freeze".

PRR Approver Team - johnbelamaric, wojtek-t, deads2k
PRR Shadow Team - bentheelder, enj,  soltysh, logicalhan, jerickar

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