[ANNOUNCEMENT] v1.28 Call for Enhancements

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Atharva Shinde

May 15, 2023, 3:21:21 PM5/15/23
to dev

Hello Kubernetes community!

The v1.28 release cycle has begun and we are now actively collecting enhancements.

Actions Required:

  • SIG Leads:

    • Discuss within your SIG which enhancements you will be proposing for this release

    • Opt in for enhancements by applying the current milestone(v1.28) and "lead-opted-in" label on the tracking issues in kubernetes/enhancements[1] 

  • Enhancements owners:

  • Reviewers/Approvers:

    • Please add the “kind/deprecation” label to PRs as appropriate (this is a big help for the Comms team!)

Enhancements will be tracked throughout the release using the 1.28 Enhancements Tracking GitHub Project board[8]. 

More information on the enhancements process can be found on the kubernetes/enhancements[1] repository.

All enhancements should plan to opt-in well before the Production Readiness Review Freeze (Thursday, 8th June 2023) to ensure adequate time for reviews. Enhancements opted-in after this deadline will be at risk for inclusion in the release.

New change: Deprecation of “tracked/yes” and “tracked/no” labels.

Starting this release we are moving away from using  “tracked/yes” and “tracked/no” labels because the process of tracking and collecting enhancements has changed a lot and as the current process is adequate there isn’t any good reason to keep using it.

  • Who does this change affect to: No one else except the release team[9]

  • Anything you as a SIG Lead/ KEP owner/ Reviewer/Approver should do to inculcate this change onto their enhancements: Nope.

v1.28 Release Cycle timeline:

The tentative major milestones for the 1.28 release are the following:

  • Release Cycle begins – Monday, 15th May 2023 

  • Production Readiness Review Freeze – Thursday, 8th June 2023

  • Enhancements Freeze – 01:00 UTC Friday, 16th June 2023

  • Code Freeze – 01:00 UTC Friday, 19th July 2023

  • Test Freeze – 01:00 UTC Wednesday, 26th July, 2023

  • Release Day – Tuesday, 15th August 2023

Full schedule https://github.com/kubernetes/sig-release/tree/master/releases/release-1.28

Enhancements project board https://bit.ly/k8s128-enhancements

Slack Channels:

Have any questions? Please do reach out!


Atharva Shinde, v1.28 Enhancements Lead

[1] https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/issues


[3] https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/blob/master/keps/NNNN-kep-template/kep.yaml#L9

[4] https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/blob/master/keps/NNNN-kep-template/kep.yaml#L30

[5] https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/tree/master/keps/NNNN-kep-template



[8] https://bit.ly/k8s128-enhancements

[9] https://github.com/kubernetes/sig-release/tree/master/releases/release-1.28

[10] https://kubernetes.slack.com/archives/C02BY55KV7E

[11] https://kubernetes.slack.com/archives/C2C40FMNF

Atharva Shinde

May 29, 2023, 7:04:08 AM5/29/23
to dev, Atharva Shinde
Hello SIG Leads and Enhancements owners,

Resurfacing the call for enhancements again, 
Do consider opting-in your enhancements before the PRR freeze commences(Thursday, 8th June 2023) to be assured that your enhancements are reviewed by the PRR authors.

Atharva Shinde, v1.28 Enhancements Lead

Atharva Shinde

Jun 7, 2023, 11:44:52 PM6/7/23
to dev
Hello Enhancements owners and Leads,

The Production Readiness Review freeze will be in effect from today i.e Thursday 8th June 2023. Consider opting in your enhancements by EOD today.

Atharva Shinde, v1.28 Enhancements Lead
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