Kubernetes Steering Committee Election Cycle Starting

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Noah Kantrowitz

Aug 15, 2022, 9:28:22 PM8/15/22
to d...@kubernetes.io
## Election Announcement

It's Steering Committee election season again!

We're getting a bit of an early start this year but over the next 7
weeks we will be electing four (3) seats on the Steering Committee. Each
of these seats will serve for a two (2) year term. Christoph Blecker,
Stephen Augustus, Paris Pittman, and Tim Pepper are halfway through
their terms and will continue to serve on the Steering Committee[1].

The first phase of the election has two parts:

1. Candidate nominations
2. Voter exceptions

## Nominations

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for one of the
three available seats, follow the process in the election guide[2]. This
involves writing a candidate issue, posting to kubernetes-dev, and
writing a bio and information about your candidacy as a Pull Request.

## Voter Status

The full list of current voters by GitHub username is posted in the
election repository:

The requirements for voting are to have had at least 50 project
contributions in the last year and being a current member of a
Kubernetes GitHub organization. We do our best to source contribution
data from many areas however we know that many types of contributions to
the project are difficult to measure and we apologize for any not
counted. If we've missed you for any reason, please file an exception
request[3] and we'll take a look as soon as possible.

## New Voting System

This is the second year we will be using Elekto[5] for the Kubernetes
Steering elections. Elekto was commissioned as an internship project for
us by the CNCF. You'll find it has a much more modern UI, and does not
rely on email at all to enable voting. It uses GitHub authentication so
all we need to know is your GitHub username. If you log in to Elekto at
https://elections.k8s.io/app/elections/steering---2022, you can also
directly check your eligibility if you don't want to search through the
YAML file linked above.

## Schedule

The following are the critical dates for this election:

* Tuesday, August 30 - Candidate nominations due at the end of the day
in AoE (Anywhere on Earth) time
* Friday, September 2 - All candidate bios due at the end of the day in
AoE time
* Tuesday, September 6 - Election Begins via email ballots
* Friday, September 16 - Deadline to submit voter exception requests
* Thursday, September 29 - Election Closes at the end of the day in AoE time
* Monday, October 3 - Public announcement of Results at Public Steering
Committee Meeting

We will be posting regular updates to dev@kubernetes during the election
as well as updates in the community meeting and on Slack.

## Resources

[1] Steering Committee: https://github.com/kubernetes/steering - who
sits on the committee and terms, their projects and meeting info

[2] Candidacy Process:
- how running for a seat works

[3] Exception Request:
https://elections.k8s.io/app/elections/steering---2022/exception - form
to fill out to get added as a voter if we've missed you

[4] Voters List:
- GitHub usernames for everyone qualified to vote in this election
[5] Elekto: https://elekto.dev - Our elections platform

Thank you from all your election officers. If you have any questions,
you can reach us via elec...@k8s.io, or message us on Slack any time.

Noah Kantrowitz
Kaslin Fields
Davanum Srinivas

Carlos Tadeu Panato Jr

Aug 16, 2022, 4:53:30 AM8/16/22
to no...@coderanger.net, d...@kubernetes.io
Hello Noah

thanks for the email and the information

There is an open PR that adds that?


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Maciej Szulik

Aug 16, 2022, 5:38:58 AM8/16/22
to cta...@gmail.com, no...@coderanger.net, d...@kubernetes.io

Carlos Tadeu Panato Jr

Aug 16, 2022, 6:00:16 AM8/16/22
to Maciej Szulik, d...@kubernetes.io, no...@coderanger.net
That is the one! 😀

Tom Kerkhove

Aug 16, 2022, 7:41:40 AM8/16/22
to cta...@gmail.com, no...@coderanger.net, d...@kubernetes.io

I think you can find it on  community/voters.yaml at master · kubernetes/community (github.com)

Kind regards,

Tom Kerkhove
Software Engineer at Microsoft – CNCF Ambassador - Ex-Azure MVP & GitHub Star

Blog - blog.tomkerkhove.be
Twitter - @TomKerkhove

On Tue, Aug 16, 2022 at 10:53 AM Carlos Tadeu Panato Jr <cta...@gmail.com> wrote:

Davanum Srinivas

Aug 16, 2022, 8:21:41 AM8/16/22
to cta...@gmail.com, Maciej Szulik, d...@kubernetes.io, no...@coderanger.net
thanks Carlos, Maciej! PR to fix the url in the source templates - https://github.com/kubernetes/community/pull/6799

Nabarun Pal

Aug 16, 2022, 8:50:36 AM8/16/22
to dev, dav...@gmail.com, d...@kubernetes.io, coder...@gmail.com

Thank you Dims, Noah, Kaslin for volunteering as the election officers.

I have filed a PR https://github.com/kubernetes/community/pull/6802 to update the URL of this mailing list and the number of seats open for elections.


Davanum Srinivas

Aug 16, 2022, 9:00:06 AM8/16/22
to Nabarun Pal, d...@kubernetes.io, coder...@gmail.com
Thanks Nabarun. merged!
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