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Dallas E Webster

Jan 22, 2016, 3:10:48 PM1/22/16
to Techlunch, Accessibility SIG
Executive Summary:

Voiceitt is looking for data to aid in its development of Talkitt, a platform for realtime translating of impaired, even unintelligible, speech to understand speech. The Recorditt app intends to facilitate that data collection.

This app is not directly applicable to most of us, but many likely know someone, whose speech is difficult to understand, to whom you can refer it.


This simple, free, iOS-only app is not technology, so much as a mechanism for helping someone develop technology. It could be viewed as crowdfunding, asking for contributions of pronunciations instead of money, and building a database of seed or test data, instead of a pile of cash -- "crowdtalking"?. Contributors will get a free 1-year license to the technology, the Talkiit speech generation system.

I brought Talkitt to the attention of this forum a year ago: Feb. 8, 2015 - "Talkitt: Exciting breakthrough in speech recognition/generation". You can see more detail there, but I'll provide Voiceitt's AppStore/iTunes summary here:
Recorditt is the first application developed by and was created to automatically collect voice recordings from the speech impaired population and to further assist in the development of the upcoming application - Talkitt.

Talkitt is a disruptive software application that translates unintelligible sounds into clear speech in real time. Talkitt is the only product on the market that allows people with speech disabilities to communicate using their own voices. Talkitt will work in any language and can easily be downloaded to a smart phone, tablet or wearable and is completely mobile.

By downloading and using Recorditt, users will be eligible to receive a free one year license for the Talkitt Version 1 application (subject to Recorditt terms of use).
The release of Talkitt is running well behind schedule having pushed from early Q2 2015 to EOY 2015 to Unknown. But participation with Recorditt may accelerate Talkitt's arrival, and utility. it seems to offer potential for such high leverage that it is worth tracking, and supporting.

Of course, I would be interested in comments, including accounts if competing or supporting technology

FYI, the video
illustrates the Recorditt's operation/interface. My prior posting gives links to Talkitt's proposed functionality.

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