Report of the J Wiki Meeting of April 11, 2024

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robert therriault

Apr 15, 2024, 11:55:47 PMApr 15
== Report of Meeting 2024-04-11 ==

Present: Art Anger, Ed Gottsman, Raul Miller, and Bob Therriault

Full transcripts of this meeting are now available on the its wiki page.

1) Ed has heard back from Norman Drinkwater about running the J wiki Viewer as a standalone application. A lot of the discuss on this meeting was about the challenges that come from trying to run stand alone applications on a Mac. Some of the security on the Mac can make this difficulty. Bob mentioned that the update on the Viewer had a message saying that the information was to be downloaded to the temp folder. Ed says the message is just out of date and that the information is being loaded into a separate J Viewer Folder and not the temp folder.

2) Bob showed that he was running the J Viewer along side the running JQt terminal and the Edit window and was able to do copying and pasting between the windows and effectively create an interactive sandbox for testing code that is described in the wiki. It was mentioned that this was always possible and could be done with standard copy and paste which would not require the extra J verbs to import into the edit tab or the JQt terminal.

3) Raul showed that it was possible to run multiple instances of the J app from the command line and this would allow one instance to support the J Viewer while a second instance was used for development.

4) Bob told about his explorations of the template for the Category tree combined with content page. Raul pointed out that the template can be accessed remotely from pages. Bob wondered if there would be a problem of showing a page with the template from the template. This might be solved by having the template sit on each page and using variables to be responsive to the content of the page. Bob felt that he might be able to reduce the footprint of the categories template using the grid display.

5) Bob and Ed discussed the SVG mapping that Jan Jacobs had produced of the wiki content which looks like it might provide a better categorization of the wiki. The plan is to have a follow up meeting with Jan and see how this may be explored.

For access to previous meeting reports If you would like to participate in the development of the J wiki please contact us on the J forum and we will get you an invitation to the next J wiki meeting held on Thursdays at 23:00 (UTC) Next meeting is April 18, 2024.
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