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Musings on customization points, ADL, and the loss of namespaces Nicol Bolas 2:54 PM
a C++17 library solution to N4035, expression templates, auto and class template argument deduction MJanes 2:46 PM
calling templated operator() for functors as regular functions (gcc implementation available) 9/22/17
Re: [std-proposals] Copy eliding emplacement functions for containers. Richard Smith 9/20/17
Sintax suggar for empty constructors 9/20/17
Reopening a file descriptor Bruce Adams 9/19/17
Request for interest: Constexpr function parameters 9/18/17
home_directory for filesystem 9/15/17
user-defined literal for integral_constant John McFarlane 9/15/17
constexpr only functions: arbitrary literal types for non-type, constexpr arguments, is_constexpr... Bastien Penavayre 9/15/17
Current state of "Accessors and views with lifetime extension" (P0066)? 9/12/17
Comment on N4244 Germán Diago 9/12/17
Non-member function call, subscripting and dereferencing operators 9/11/17
Initial thoughts on an "initialization function" proposal Nasos 9/11/17
file streams and access to the file descriptor Bruce Adams 9/7/17
a proposal to handle exception thrown during unwinding (due to another exception) 9/7/17
std::remove_set Vlad from Moscow 9/6/17
default initialisation and containers, again Viacheslav Usov 9/5/17
Idea: Extension of structured bindings to definition of structs Eyal Rozenberg 9/4/17
Idea: Allow initializing variables but let static analyzer consider them uninitialized Dan Raviv 9/4/17
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