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C++ Syntax Possibilities 6:06 PM
Add a "tuple_slice" function in <tuple> Νικόλαος Αθανασίου 2:46 PM
[proposal] A fixed-capacity vector with embedded storage Gonzalo BG 12:14 PM
Proposal for <numeric>: rounded-up integral division, rounding integers up and down to multiples Walt Karas 10:39 AM
hidden private member functions Viacheslav Usov 8:07 AM
Where'd P0099R0's `std::execution_context::current()` Function Go In P0099R1 and Why? Bryce Glover 12/6/16
Structurally Bound Aliases Derek Ross 12/6/16
compiler should infer last semicolon of culy brace block... it makes lambas look better.... 12/6/16
Add move constructor and operator [] for std::initializer_list NDos Dannyu 12/5/16
Custom literal operators for aggregate-initialization syntax with variadic arguments Anthony Hall 12/5/16
Names & Types for Structured Bindings Derek Ross 12/5/16
implementation of asynchronous simultaneous threads kushal bhattacharya 12/4/16
Class template argument deduction from class static functions Anthony Hall 12/4/16
enum class foo : bool {} Avi Kivity 12/4/16
Use stateless lambdas without capturing David Krauss 12/3/16
Syntactic sugar for std::array? Peet 12/3/16
"A Proposal to Relax Constexpr Restrictions for some Reinterpret Casts" ? Peet 12/2/16
Extending the use of shared_from_this() to Constructors (- and to destructors?) Jakob Riedle 12/2/16
Re: [std-proposals] constexpr function parameters D. B. 11/30/16
decltype(return) Avi Kivity 11/29/16
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