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Allow .data() to be called on reserved, but empty, vectors 1:56 AM
Memory mapped files and shared memory for C++ Alexander Zaitsev 7/22/17
A strong typedef syntax idea 7/22/17
[Thoughts/Idea] Labeled Loop Variable 7/22/17
Adding operator overloading case to structure binding Logan Song 7/21/17
P0700: operator.() vs. Delegation Nicol Bolas 7/20/17
structured binding: desirable futur features Daemon Snake 7/20/17
Lambda "Injection/Inheritance/Override" function idea proprosal. Michael Davies 7/18/17
P0756R0: "Lambda syntax should be more liberal in what it accepts" Arthur O'Dwyer 7/18/17
safe integrals comparison 7/18/17
Proposal "is_constexpr" 7/18/17
Proposal - "function_ref: a non-owning reference to a Callable" Vittorio Romeo 7/17/17
JSON support for the C++ standard library Niels Lohmann 7/16/17
Parenthesized declarator for avoiding forwarding reference deduction Francisco Lopes 7/16/17
Idea for a proposal Nicole Mazzuca 7/15/17
Providing machinery to allow template class specialisations of classes in other namespaces 7/15/17
Different style of function "pointer": lifting an overload set into a lambda Justin Bassett 7/15/17
Musings: generalized metaclasses/multi-stage compile-time programming. Anthony Hall 7/14/17
[idea for proposal] Adding std::shift to <algorithm> 7/13/17
NSMI of bit-fields dgutson 7/13/17
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