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Multiple (partial)specialization Dejan Milosavljevic 3:14 PM
Interest in multidimensional sorting/searching extensions (std::tuples::sort, etc.)? 3:12 PM
Would SIMD consider signed overflow undefined? Myriachan 8:48 AM
Join me on José Rodrigo 6:36 AM
EOF == -1 Ray Hamel 2:18 AM
`offsetof` in a macro-less, modular world Nicol Bolas 3/19/18
Enforcing safe coding techniques using “safe” and “trusted” function qualifiers Miklós Pál 3/19/18
Extension methods Sidney Congard 3/17/18
Check out my books Mikhail Semenov 3/17/18
Pointer overload for || Jefferson Carpenter 3/16/18
I have presented my knowledge about c++ in the following course....just view by clicking this link 3/16/18
Adding Chebyshev polynomials to special math functions ? Vincent Reverdy 3/16/18
Custom inheritable data/function attributes (for example, for multi-threaded or real-time code) 3/16/18
Deterministic C++ memory manager (question) Phil Bouchard 3/15/18
Revive the unified call syntax. 3/15/18
Questions about P0876: fibers Nicol Bolas 3/13/18
Serializing data using streams? Kai Mast 3/12/18
More compact #include statement. 3/11/18
current stackless coroutines proposal Michael Kilburn 3/9/18
General purpose utilities for template metaprogramming and type manipulation Vincent Reverdy 3/8/18
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