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This variable should not be named: an identifier (not) to remember Alberto Barbati 2:46 PM
is_relocatable type trait Andrey Davydov 1:57 PM
Should the allocator parameter to STL container templates be a template parameter? Walt Karas 1:08 PM
An abbreviated lambda syntax Barry Revzin 11:46 AM
Number Concept Family Christopher Di Bella 11:39 AM
Complexities caused by using unique_ptr and move semantics Matthew Fioravante 11:22 AM
[RFC] array_view with byte stride Maxim Yanchenko 3/27/17
Const as const auto Carlos Licea 3/27/17
Allow constexpr static data members in a literal type. Avi Kivity 3/27/17
Compile time conditionally make operator new() noexcept Matthew Fioravante 3/25/17
Passing *this by value Marc Mutz 3/24/17
Implicitly cast-able enum range view 3/24/17
Missing heterogeneous modifiers for `map` and `set`? 3/23/17
Add all useful array types to the standard library Matthew Fioravante 3/20/17
Simplify virtual inheritance rules Denis Kotov 3/19/17
Explicitly uninitialized variables with = void, with warnings on missing initializers. Matthew Fioravante 3/19/17
any interest in immutable class template? 3/19/17
chrono::count Bjorn Reese 3/18/17
std::any augumentation 3/17/17
Xml tree Vishal Oza 3/17/17
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