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Question about Networking, Ranges, Modules and Concepts Osman Zakir 5:22 AM
coroutines have odd interaction with std algorithms Jim Hurd 3:41 AM
Is there any proposal in the pipeline to allow any parameter in a template? 12/17/17
Make aliased templates first class citizens 12/17/17
operator[](...) Ryan Nicholl 12/17/17
auto return proposal Andrew Tomazos 12/17/17
Is `std::exchange(obj, {})` common enough to be spelled `std::move_and_reset(obj)`? Marc Mutz 12/17/17
complete statically-typed C++ arrays Farid Mehrabi 12/17/17
Structured Bindings - revisited Richard Hodges 12/16/17
why not parameterized types for coroutine resume function? Jim Hurd 12/15/17
standard "pack" attribute for user-defined types Sean Middleditch 12/14/17
extend_cast<T> : extending interfaces safely without the use of free functions Tahsin Mazumdar 12/14/17
min, max, minmax for std::pair Vlad from Moscow 12/11/17
What happened to N4282 Bob Fang 12/10/17
Output parameters 12/10/17
class template deduction: can explicit guide be =delete'd? Sergey Zubkov 12/10/17
P0840, empty member optimization, fails at its goal if there are no guarantees. Nicol Bolas 12/9/17
Does guaranteed elision breaks bit_cast? Nicol Bolas 12/6/17
Shortcut "&&" operator to chain <=> "spaceship" comparisons (at least for strong_ordering) 12/6/17
Rotational shift operator 12/5/17
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