ISO C++ Standard - Future Proposals

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Range based for and container husain jiruwala 5/19/18
memcpy/memset/etc overloads for volatile memory dgutson 5/18/18
Convert a variant into an optional? Bruce Adams 5/18/18
Improving Friends with Attributes 5/18/18
noexcept-correctenss 5/17/18
Multiple-Get Method for Containers 5/17/18
parameters passed by "expression": lazy/delayed evaluation of parameters 5/17/18
Functions with multiple overloads should behave like capture-less generic lambdas Antonio Perez 5/15/18
Member function syntax should match function pointers, lambdas, and functors Antonio Perez 5/15/18
__CLASS__ dgutson 5/13/18
Fornux C++ Superset - Forward Declarations of Nested Structures Phil Bouchard 5/11/18
pseudo constness 5/11/18
Low level file i/o library Niall Douglas 5/10/18
[[likely]] attribute for switch case 5/8/18
Hide inherited virtual methods (on demand) instead of trying to override them. 5/8/18
Extending structured bindings to be more like variable declarations Nicolas Lesser 5/6/18
Simplified/Extended syntax to import names onto current scope 4/30/18
Implode/explode for string & string_view 4/29/18
packaged_task<R1(Args1...)> -> packaged_task<R2(Args2)> Mutz, Marc 4/27/18
Add the modulus operator to floating point types. 4/26/18
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