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Implicit lookup for enum-members in the right namespace. DerAlbi 5/26/17
Why is chrono so shortsighted? 5/26/17
relaxing rules for ternary operator. Allow incompatible types. 5/24/17
string + string_view operator Olaf van der Spek 5/24/17
static_read 5/24/17
virtual constexpr fields Botond Ballo 5/23/17
Generalizing range based for loops even further 5/23/17
Null coalescing operator 5/22/17
Re static_read Bryce Glover 5/22/17
Determining lifetime invariants of function parameters Matthew Fioravante 5/22/17
JSON support for the C++ standard library Niels Lohmann 5/21/17
Proposing APi changes to LFv2 Uniform Container Erasure Marc Mutz 5/19/17
Adding the Keyword “proxy” in C++ [update for the "interface"] Mingxin Wang 5/18/17
Allow Structured Binding Outside of Variable Declaration Antonio Perez 5/17/17
std::future::fetch() to provide lock free accesses in callbacks 5/16/17
Multi-layer structured binding Antonio Perez 5/16/17
Permit Structured Binding in Reverse Antonio Perez 5/15/17
Adding std::hash<std::tuple<...>> as a hash-combiner? Marc Mutz 5/15/17
Add all useful array types to the standard library Matthew Fioravante 5/15/17
Make void{} do what you think it does Paul Hampson 5/13/17
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