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Marking more std::string_view members noexcept Andrey Semashev 5:21 AM
[[implicit]] attribute 5:05 AM
branch predictor 4:51 AM
Make std::invoke and std::reference_wrapper constexpr 4:02 AM
capturing monads in lambda 9/26/16
Iterating over/transforming std::optional Mikhail Maltsev 9/26/16
Invalid possible implementation of is_move_constructible (same used by MSVC 2015) Alexey Mamontov 9/26/16
string_view(const charT* begin, const charT* end) Magnus Fromreide 9/25/16
extensions to std::search 9/25/16
Implement operator->* for smart pointer types Arthur O'Dwyer 9/24/16
Comments on string_view: creating a constexpr array of string_views Matthew Fioravante 9/24/16
What header should int_t go to? Myriachan 9/23/16
what makes a Concept a Concept? 9/22/16
Trivial copyability and `optiona/variant`. Nicol Bolas 9/22/16
Unbounded-Precision Integer 9/21/16
Possible error in P0416R0: operator dot Nicol Bolas 9/21/16
Something is better then nothing: Please, relax Initializer List use with operators! 9/21/16
Have you ever considered break( n ) ? 9/21/16
D0187R1: Wording for New Bit-field Syntax Andrew Tomazos 9/20/16
keyword to make a class function unique per object Przemyslaw Szuplak 9/20/16
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