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std::exception Why what() is returning a const char* and not a string? Francis Andre 10:19 PM
friend declarations Belloc 4:44 PM
Relaxing requirements on std container move assingment operators Marc Mutz 7:50 AM
complex numbers should be polar Humility Consulting 6/27/15
constexpr lambda to function pointer conversion David W 6/27/15
main( int argc, char** argv ) ISHTIAQUE BIN IDREES 6/25/15
constexpr fails with clang but not with g++ Florian Lindner 6/25/15
DR1467 silently changes/breaks existing code 6/23/15
Assignment operators redundancy FrankHB1989 6/23/15
Support of tie(... tie(...)...) ? Johannes Schaub 6/22/15
The word "first" in [basic.scope.pdecl]/7 doesn't apply to the first bullet point (7.1) in C++14 Belloc 6/19/15
Funny object declarations Johannes Schaub 6/19/15
Why does std::uncaught_exceptions return int? FrankHB1989 6/17/15
Specifying the state of containers during destruction of elements 6/16/15
Is any stl-container standartized to be a determenistic? Garbor 6/15/15
Why are member data pointers to inner members prohibited? Myriachan 6/11/15
Allow reordering of initializer fields 6/6/15
Distinct type of array elements in UTF-8 string literals (char8_t). Max Truxa 6/6/15
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