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Copy-initialization of class by user-defined conversion [over.match.copy]/1 Belloc 9/24/16
[expr.static.cast]/4 seems to be incorrect in C++1z Belloc 9/22/16
Possible defect: enum with fixed underlying type - undefined behavior with out of range values 9/21/16
Why does std::is_heap use random access iterators instead of forward iterators? Vlad from Moscow 9/19/16
I'm just trying to obtain a more down-to-earth meaning of [conv.rval]/1 Belloc 9/17/16
The way "discarded-value expression" is described in the standard. Yar Izdum 9/14/16
std::function construction vs assignment 9/14/16
I believe i = i++; has undefined behavior, but how do I prove this using [intro.execution]/15? John Kalane 9/14/16
Do namespace objects declared with decltype(auto) for which a const qualified type is deduced have internal linkage? Tom Honermann 9/14/16
The changes specified in P0135R1 are in relation to which version of the Standard draft? Belloc 9/13/16
why are type aliases not resolved during crtp expansion? Matt Langston 9/13/16
Catching foreign exceptions in C++ Thiago Macieira 9/12/16
Are "Primary Expressions" and "Operands" the same thing? Yar Izdum 9/9/16
Must an atomic write always 'happen' at all? Richard Hodges 9/9/16
for in Iteration statements Sergey Panin 9/9/16
"similar" applied to non-pointer-like types T. C. 9/8/16
std::ignore is not constexpr Vincent Reverdy 9/8/16
Should value function parameters and return types be optimizable to references? 9/7/16
Is void{} legal? Michele Caini 9/6/16
Which compiler is doing the right thing here? Belloc 9/6/16
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