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I believe i = i++; has undefined behavior, but how do I prove this using [intro.execution]/15? John Kalane 8/24/16
Clarifying [dcl.init.ref]/ bogdan 8/24/16
Are attributes allowed in explicit template instantiations? Matthew Woehlke 8/23/16
Ambiguity in friend function declarations? Serge Pavlov 8/22/16
Formatted input function and exceptions Jean-Marc Bourguet 8/21/16
Would C++ be better standardized by a "model compiler"? 8/21/16
Should static_assert be moot if it's in a function that gets optimized out? 8/19/16
Inheriting constructors from virtual base classes Tom Honermann 8/19/16
default mutex type in std::lock_guard and Co Viacheslav Usov 8/19/16
Sub(-sub)object lifetime and accessibility Edward Catmur 8/17/16
Where are updated Core Language Issues List? Kazutoshi SATODA 8/17/16
Question about [expr.cond]/(4.3) S. B. Tam 8/16/16
non-constant constant-expressions, is it really possible? Filip Roséen 8/16/16
Does the ninth phase of translation include dynamic linking? Brian Bi 8/15/16
object lifetime, storage duration, and destructors Viacheslav Usov 8/12/16
Are the new construction rules for enum class values ever reachable? bogdan 8/11/16
make_shared and enable_shared_from_this Viacheslav Usov 8/10/16
"Potential results" contains not only id-expressions? Johannes Schaub 8/9/16
Default Constructor for lambda with no capture 8/9/16
Initializing interdependent types to aid modularity Vimarsh Raina 8/9/16
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