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map template error? , default template drax325 12:42 PM
"const char" in pointer aliasing rules Myriachan 12:11 PM
Very pedantic: Is "friend" allowed in anonymous unions? Myriachan 12:08 PM
Why are unions which have members with differing access control not standard-layout? 5/4/15
Test This code and let me know the correct one with the problem. koolamit 5/4/15
Is a C++11 mutex compatible with threads NOT created with C++11? Brian Bi 5/2/15
std::bad_alloc base class David Krauss 5/1/15
long double imprecisions Janis Taranda 4/30/15
Diagnosing incorrect use after move. 4/30/15
What is the point supporting class-specific new/delete? (and a fantasy) lie4pan1 4/29/15
Constexpr is not allowed in declaration of friend template specialization? 4/28/15
non-constant constant-expressions, is it really possible? Filip Roséen 4/27/15
Alias template and forwarding reference 4/26/15
side effects of moving standard types Nathan Ernst 4/25/15
Why doesn't the ternary conditional operator attempt to find a common base class? Brian Bi 4/25/15
Named arguments Viktor Kirilov 4/18/15
can we get a shared_ptr with non thread-safe reference counting Viktor Kirilov 4/16/15
[std-discussion] How much memory a container requests from the allocator? Marcelo Zimbres 4/14/15
Why does std::get_allocator return by value? 4/13/15
[std-discussion]why placement new not allowed in constexpr? Larry Evans 4/13/15
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