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What's going on with [class.copy]/12? Alexander 10:55 AM
Why the need for the text between parentheses below in [dcl.fct.def.default]/1 bullet (1.2)? Alexander 10/24/16
offsetof for non-standard-layout classes Andrey Semashev 10/24/16
Is xvalue both glvalue and rvalue? 10/23/16
constexpr/noexcept std::invoke Vincent Reverdy 10/23/16
object representation and char objects 10/20/16
Precedence of operators and FMA Andrea Arteaga 10/19/16
Having Error at the semicoloum ChongLian Lee 10/19/16
Modelling concepts referring to <chrono> Marc Mutz 10/18/16
Observable unique_ptr: Have anyone implemneted this? 10/18/16
History and future of C++11's <system_error> charleyb123 10/17/16
Awkward rules governing specialization of nested templates 10/15/16
What is the behavior of memory_order_relaxed with atomic read-modify-write operations? 10/14/16
Standard-layout class Alexander 10/13/16
Partial specializations that does not specialize any template arguments although are still accepted. 10/13/16
Explicit instantiation of class template with deleted members Andrzej Krzemieński 10/12/16
Why no "while statement with initializer" ? Johannes Schaub 10/12/16
Is 7.1.7, paragraph 2 defective? Il-seob Bae 10/11/16
Explicit instantiation of typedef, Clang vs GCC Johannes Schaub 10/7/16
No copy elision for direct-initialization with a conversion function? T. C. 10/7/16
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