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[std-discussion] Modules TS: proclaimed ownership declaration Mikhail Semenov 10/22/17
lexicographical_compare on empty ranges Bjorn Reese 10/21/17
pointer static_cast from member Andrew Schepler 10/21/17
A question about C++17 10.1.5 p1 s2: static data member and constexpr Karsten 10/21/17
Is this union aliasing code well-defined? Myriachan 10/20/17
non-type template template arguments? 10/19/17
Requirements for "trivially copyable" too strong? Matheus Izvekov 10/19/17
explicit variable template specialization with external linkage Karsten 10/18/17
Confusion with non-type template-name as a simple-type-specifier Johannes Schaub 10/18/17
Is this overload resolution ambiguity correct? Andrzej Krzemieński 10/16/17
Whatever happened with the "UB vs. ill-formed NDR" discussion? Brian Bi 10/15/17
What is the last number of the Draft C++ 2017 and where can it be accessed? Vlad from Moscow 10/13/17
range-based-for with temporaries Aarón Bueno Villares 10/10/17
variant copy constructor/assignment Andrew Schepler 10/10/17
Allocator-aware container and allocator_arg_t Bjorn Reese 10/9/17
IMHO A grave design error in std::string_view will bring c++ into disrepute unless fixed Richard Hodges 10/6/17
std::filesystem support for UTF-8 encoded std::string(s) 10/3/17
Platforms with sub natural alignment requirements and alignof(T) Jörn Heusipp 10/2/17
Alignment of a union less than its members? Myriachan 10/1/17
c++ arithmetic Andriasss Andriasss 9/30/17
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