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implementation of asynchronous thread kushal bhattacharya 3:34 AM
Clarification of exact meaning of object.lifetime and P0137 Richard Hodges 12/2/16
std::get on different elements: thread-safety Marco 12/1/16
Using the type specifier auto in parameter declarations. Vlad from Moscow 12/1/16
Is pointer aliasing with wchar_t, char16_t, char32_t allowed? Myriachan 12/1/16
reinterpret_cast between function pointer and void* Miro Knejp 12/1/16
Anonymous structures in C and C++ Vlad from Moscow 11/30/16
Function templates, non-deduced contexts, and empty parameter packs 11/29/16
defect in [] 2+4 Alkis Evlogimenos 11/29/16
Defect in specification of std::string(_view)::operator==()? 11/25/16
P0136, inheriting constructors, and brace initialization lucdanton 11/25/16
wnat to replace thread_specific_ptr with thread_local ED 11/25/16
Expand parameter pack which still has unfulfilled args TONGARI J 11/25/16
reverse_iterator overload for the erase method of containers Marcin Gałązka 11/19/16
Definition of "Plain old Function" / "common subset of C++ and C languages" may be incorrect Johannes Schaub 11/19/16
DR: "The member-specification in a class definition declares the full set of members of the class;" broken? Johannes Schaub 11/19/16
I'm having a hard time trying to understand DR 2084 Belloc 11/19/16
Preventing implicit conversion from std::function<T()> to std::function<T const &()>? 11/18/16
random alphanumeric generator kushal bhattacharya 11/18/16
Where are updated Core Language Issues List? Kazutoshi SATODA 11/17/16
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