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User-defined string literal syntax can't use compile-time length 1:08 PM
[n4495] Smart Objects, an alternative approach to overloading operator dot -- Comments Giovanni Piero Deretta 6:39 AM
Why are namespace-alias-definitions definitions while alias-declarations are not? Anders Granlund 7/30/15
Edge case of name lookup with using directives and using-declarations Anders Granlund 7/30/15
unordered_map emplace issue Filip Konvička 7/30/15
How does unqualified name lookup work when using using-declarations? Anders Granlund 7/29/15
Interpretation of [basic.scope.hiding]p2 when unqualified name lookup involves using-directives Anders Granlund 7/29/15
Standard input without echo Raymart Atienza 7/29/15
is_convertible and non-movable types David Krauss 7/29/15
static_pointer_cast and enable_shared_from_this Johannes Sixt 7/28/15
[N4152] uncaught_exceptions result type is signed Andrey Semashev 7/28/15
The rationale of [dcl.constexpr]p5 Anders Granlund 7/28/15
Is reinterpret_cast of a pointer to an array to a pointer to std::array well-formed? Vlad from Moscow 7/28/15
Dereferencing a pointer to non-constexpr in a constant expression 7/27/15
Function call of non-constexpr function in constexpr function. Anders Granlund 7/27/15
Interpretation of []/8 Anders Granlund 7/27/15
What does contain mean in [dcl.constexpr]/3? Anders Granlund 7/26/15
Interpretation of [dcl.fct.spec]/4 Anders Granlund 7/24/15
Can `this` be captured by reference? Brian Bi 7/23/15
[N4519] Source-Code Information Capture - What is the file_name? Stephen Kelly 7/23/15
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