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Bit-packing enums vs. enum classes Daniel Hofmann 2/10/16
Unexpected integral promotions 2/5/16
Improper copy/move behavior: is this a defect? Nicol Bolas 2/4/16
Why does C++ have to break C compatibility that badly nowadays? Marcin Gałązka 2/4/16
Why not a FULL BARRIERS memory order besides memory_order_seq_cst? math0 2/4/16
pow function 2/4/16
unordered_set<vector<int>> Andrew Tomazos 2/4/16
SFINAE in variadic templates? Jim Porter 2/3/16
numeric_limits::digits and multi precision integers (possible defect) Ross Smith 2/3/16
passing parameters by const T&+T&& or T directly? 2/2/16
How are core defect reports handled? Kazutoshi SATODA 2/1/16
Can we make website by using C++ 2/1/16
Trying to understand lvalues and rvalues Manik Jindal 1/29/16
Is is_direct_base_of implementable without core change? FrankHB1989 1/29/16
Does the standard promise to remove unnecessary parameters? math0 1/28/16
Do concepts change the definition of POD/Trivial types? xcvr 1/27/16
making a copy Viacheslav Usov 1/27/16
Swap function overloads for bit proxy classes Vincent Reverdy 1/26/16
Having an object only be constructible on the heap 1/25/16
Worst conversion sequence for list-initialization and conversion ranking Waylander 1/24/16
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