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c++ refactoring of function bsjkb 8:47 AM
Redeclaration with different type 8:10 AM
cannot understand why this rvalue reference segfault Yubin Ruan 4:31 AM
How is CWG 426 resolved? xskxzr 4:01 AM
Re-declaration of inline function 1:45 AM
Viability of `:` as range constructor (as a new language feature) and usage for slicing 1/16/18
Accessing base class template: is the following syntax legal? Vincent Reverdy 1/15/18
Standard Library Header 1/15/18
I think this is a defect in [expr.context]/2 Alexander 1/13/18
Subtle question about function template partial ordering Brian Bi 1/12/18
How can a pure virtual function be invoked without its name being explicitly qualified? João Afonso 1/8/18
What if the type of an entity with an undeduced placeholder type is needed? xskxzr 1/6/18
What does the standard specify the behavior of the proxy object of operations on std::valarray? xskxzr 1/5/18
Why is allocator<void> deprecated? Andrey Semashev 1/5/18
Why are there 65 references to the string "cv1" with italics in the Standard? João Afonso 1/5/18
Aliasing with an array xskxzr 1/3/18
Cv-qualification constraint on implicit conversion sequence of reference binding xskxzr 1/3/18
What if an initializer of an aggregate modifies members of the aggregate? xskxzr 1/2/18
[Concepts] Fold expressions and constraints 1/2/18
Why does calling a member function of a class object access this object? xskxzr 12/31/17
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