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throwing exception under low memory conditions Michael Kilburn 8/21/17
std::array operator==() isn't constexpr - shouldn't it be? 8/20/17
i dont understand why the random::device::result_type is unsigned int. 8/19/17
Comment regarding full-expression in [intro.execution] (12) 8/17/17
Can a local string literal have different addresses every time the enclosing function is called? Brian Bi 8/13/17
Auto-Pimpl with partial Matthew Greenwood 8/13/17
Does unique_lock fulfill BasicLockable only by fiat? Paul "TBBle" Hampson 8/12/17
Is dereferencing this pointer a UB? Andrzej Krzemieński 8/12/17
Efficiency of vector initialization using initializer list Amit Mishra 8/11/17
The character @ to abbreviate const Thaddeus H. Black 8/10/17
P0739R0 applied to C++17? Akira Takahashi 8/9/17
std::string_view iterator constructor? Olaf van der Spek 8/8/17
Ambiguity regarding class-scope using-declarations that name member function templates Brian Bi 8/8/17
can we have gcc -E (macro expansion) equivalent for templates ? 8/2/17
There are situations where derefering null pointer shouldn't be considered UB (this == nullptr) Christiano 7/30/17
&*p if p == nullptr 7/30/17
Non-type parameter with no linkage Edward Diener 7/27/17
non-type template template arguments? 7/26/17
begin/end for directory_iterator 7/25/17
Defect in specification of std::string(_view)::operator==()? 7/25/17
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