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I believe this is a defect in the current standard draft N4713 Belloc 4/23/18
std::cin and stdin 4/21/18
Constructor std::string(char * &&). Why not? Christiano 4/21/18
Why don't static_pointer_cast and similar functions employ perfect forwarding? 4/20/18
Is evaluation of the initializer sequenced before the initialization? xskxzr 4/19/18
Scope guard and coroutine destroy, what to do with aborted suspension? TONGARI J 4/19/18
no deduction guides for std::packaged_task? Mutz, Marc 4/19/18
Member template definition not instantiated despite need for complete type 4/19/18
CALL: Compilers Are Language Lawyers Michael Witten 4/17/18
The word 'except' in [basic.scope.pdecl]/1 seems misleading. Alexander 4/15/18
Specialization of member template of non-specialized class template 4/14/18
Different types of specializations of members belonging to template classes 4/14/18
Syntax for defining a member of an explicitly specialized class template 4/14/18
A decl-specifier-seq doesn't introduce names into a declaration. Belloc 4/13/18
Strange syntax for a basic_string constructor Andrey Semashev 4/12/18
Note in [stmt.if]/2 in the current standard draft Belloc 4/12/18
Why isn't there a std::string_view(const char*, const char*) constructor 4/10/18
Is inheritability of lambdas guaranteed by the standard? Vincent Reverdy 4/8/18
Customized decay semantics for "borrow/view" types? 4/8/18
Making object const 4/8/18
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