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Absence of function overloads of the function div for unsigned integer numbers. Vlad from Moscow 6/21/18
How to punctuate [extern.names]/4? xskxzr 6/18/18
Storing executors in implementation of then() 6/16/18
Fun with pathological templates Matthew Woehlke 6/15/18
std::observer_ptr poorly and misleadingly named Michael Hamilton 6/15/18
Why does std::shared_ptr not increment reference count during the operator ->? 6/15/18
Type punning with memcpy Language Lawyer 6/14/18
Where is link to the draft pdf? Roberto Parolin 6/14/18
Zero-sized arrays not supported for types without a default constructor? Oliver Rosten 6/11/18
Compiler divergence when converting to ambiguous/inaccessible base rvalue 6/11/18
why unique_ptr and shared_ptr cannot implicitly cast to observer_ptr? 6/10/18
Should there be an overload of array bool? 6/9/18
Customizing std::span Stewart, Robert 6/7/18
A potential issue in Construction Rules for enum class Values (P0138R2) Andrey Upadyshev 6/7/18
Why change definition of Trivially Copyable in C++17 ? Thomas McLeod 6/7/18
May second template argument in std::accumulate be a reference? Vlad from Moscow 6/7/18
Types of structured bindings. Vlad from Moscow 6/4/18
How to specify a template argument for a lambda expression? Vlad from Moscow 6/1/18
Missing non-member operator+ functions to concatenate basic_string with basic_string_view? Matt Whitlock 5/30/18
clang/gcc difference regarding inference of array reference from braced list 5/29/18
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