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Comitee stance on using aligned char arrays as raw storage without placement new for trivial types? Martin Ba 1/16/17
Relation between classes and fundamental types Andrey Semashev 1/14/17
Possible defect in specification of [vector.modifiers] 1/14/17
Is it possible to implement begin(), end(), and data() on a vector without UB? 1/13/17
Are there any plans to mark some standard types and functions by the attribute [[nodiscard]]? Andrey Davydov 1/13/17
Mismatched exception specification in explicitly defaulted functions T. C. 1/13/17
Declaration with `extern` specifier preceded by declaration with internal linkage Belloc 1/13/17
Do templates maintain separation? Clayton Weaver 1/13/17
P0021R1 causes valid C++98/11/14 code to become ill-formed Thiago Macieira 1/11/17
Why a double implicit conversion is preferred to an explicit and direct one in this case? Vicente J. Botet Escriba 1/10/17
Why cast between two strongly typed C++11 enum classes is allowed? Vicente J. Botet Escriba 1/9/17
Clarification on decomposition declarations (a.k.a. structured bindings) 1/9/17
Defect in specification of std::string(_view)::operator==()? 1/9/17
to/from_chars and extended integer types. Nicol Bolas 1/9/17
missing a function to get the id of the cpu the hardware is running on 1/9/17
How to use LL/SC in C++??? math0 1/9/17
Possible defect: Impossible conversion from B to D is mandated? Kazutoshi SATODA 1/5/17
shared_future::get postcondition Sergey Vidyuk 1/3/17
parallel algorithm constraints: element access functions are not per object? 12/30/16
Trying to define a namespace member indirectly via a using-declaration Anders Granlund 12/29/16
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