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Re: [std-proposals] iterators of contiguous containers should always be pointer 9:58 AM
[idea for proposal] Adding std::shift to <algorithm> 8/18/17
Introduce <process> to manage processes 8/18/17
comments on PO323R2 - expected Robert Ramey 8/17/17
Proposal for two new traits: `std::greedy_conjunction` and `std::greedy_disjunction ` 8/17/17
P0756R0: "Lambda syntax should be more liberal in what it accepts" Arthur O'Dwyer 8/17/17
N4543 std::unique_function status Sergey Vidyuk 8/16/17
Auto-Pimpl by partial Izzy Coding 8/16/17
Re: Auto-Pimpl with partial Matthew Woehlke 8/15/17
file streams and access to the file descriptor Bruce Adams 8/15/17
Resources for proposals Bruce Adams 8/15/17
string_view for fstream::open() Julian Watzinger 8/12/17
[Expected/Result] How much detail does an example reference implementation need? Niall Douglas 8/12/17
properties? Evan Teran 8/10/17
Distinguish a pointer directly created by new wei zhang 8/10/17
Can dot operator be used to make a ".." range ? Cleiton Santoia 8/9/17
A more advanced switch Constantin-Flavius Nistor 8/9/17
Memory mapped files and shared memory for C++ Alexander Zaitsev 8/9/17
Using shared_ptr/weak_ptr as Keys in Unordered Associative Containers Daryl Haresign 8/9/17
Deterministic C++ memory manager Phil Bouchard 8/9/17
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