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Pragmas to make certain operations well-defined 11:02 AM
[std-proposals] Is there any proposals on providing tuple-like access for enums? Sam Kellett 10:53 AM
Make more bitwise operations have defined behavior 10:40 AM
std::optional interface refinement Kamil Rojewski 4:29 AM
Static constructors/destructors in C++ Mariusz Moczala 2:17 AM
What should the semantic of wrapper classes be? Vincent Reverdy 7/28/16
loop continuation code 7/28/16
inheritance restriction Vishal Oza 7/28/16
Why was N3853/N3994 rejected? Barry Revzin 7/28/16
Relocation as a solution for the valueless variant problem? 7/27/16
Does template deduction for constructors solve the array size deduction problem? Nicol Bolas 7/27/16
std::variant, overload resolution chris beck 7/27/16
Generalized "using" member aliases. Derek Ross 7/26/16
Mapping enum to multilanguage strings Mariusz Moczala 7/26/16
Stateless Subobjects and Types Nicol Bolas 7/25/16
Add natural_compare for user friendly string ordering 7/25/16
for ... else lorro ( 7/25/16
"Nonblocking" specifier Derek Hofmann 7/23/16
Understanding the evaluation order compromise Nicol Bolas 7/23/16
Questions / comments about p0057r2 coroutines Alexander van der Grinten 7/22/16
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