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[[always_inline]] attribute Flávio Lisbôa 1/17/18
Why std::optional has checked and unchecked access, but std::variant only checked? Oleksandr Pikozh 1/17/18
operator[](...) Ryan Nicholl 1/16/18
std::type_index comparators as free functions. Sarfaraz Nawaz 1/16/18
Static analysis and the future of C++ 1/16/18
Access specifier as part of member declarations 1/16/18
Perfect Forwarding References José Rodrigo 1/15/18
copy-on-write 1/14/18
possible LWG defect : filesystem::path::has_parent_path() for root path 1/12/18
Why is it required to have no private/protected fields for aggregate initialization? Oleksandr Pikozh 1/11/18
Allowing CTAD for unique_ptr with Custom Deleter Adi Shavit 1/9/18
Type-safe inline object definition. Sarfaraz Nawaz 1/9/18
What happened to N4282 Bob Fang 1/8/18
A plea for a consistent, terse and intuitive declaration syntax Corentin 1/8/18
Should the Default Allocator use Uniform Initialization? Jakob Riedle 1/8/18
Structured Bindings - revisited Richard Hodges 1/8/18
More decl specifiers for structured bindings Nicolas Lesser 1/7/18
Currying or Partial Application Sarfaraz Nawaz 1/6/18
N4681 modules: why multi-file modules and identifier-style import? Igor Baidiuk 1/5/18
Interchangeable syntax for type forward declarations Igor Baidiuk 1/4/18
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