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explicit underlying type conversion used in integral switch contexts. Vicente J. Botet Escriba 3:34 PM
Controlled Argument Evaluation Alberto Barbati 2:57 PM
Idea: New Language Feature for Safer, Easier Optional Access David Peterson 2:41 PM
std::bitset::msb and std::bitset::lsb Dawid Pilarski 2:22 PM
Constexpr function parameters through special conversions Nicol Bolas 2:15 PM
Allow to access member typedefs of a type from a reference type that's referring to that type Walter Heisenbug 1:23 PM
Idea and solution: Better STD functions and if clause Viktor Attila Jenei 4/25/17
Has it been proposed to allow "template <...>" to apply to multiple declarations/definitions? 4/25/17
A Proposal for C++ Concurrency Mingxin Wang 4/24/17
Allow access to std::array's underlying C-array 4/23/17
Array assignment Markus Grech 4/23/17
std::string slicer by tags (parsing command line params etc.) PAVEL SOKOLOV 4/22/17
P0406 - Intrusive Conitainers : an alternative approach Walt Karas 4/22/17
Explicit instantiation of partial specialization Christophe Duverger 4/19/17
Allow constexpr static data members in a literal type. Avi Kivity 4/19/17
Request for interest: Constexpr function parameters 4/19/17
Add all useful array types to the standard library Matthew Fioravante 4/18/17
is_relocatable type trait Andrey Davydov 4/17/17
Decomposition of std::complex. 4/14/17
Completing string and string_view concatenation 4/13/17
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