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Should std::function::operator() throw on empty()? Mutz, Marc 11:10 AM
Fornux C++ Superset Phil Bouchard 4/22/18
Path views, which are views of file system paths Niall Douglas 4/21/18
Relocating moves proposal paper Niall Douglas 4/21/18
Proposal: After the lifetime of an object data within its layout has undefined value 4/20/18
API versioning: functions: overload; classes: typedef; variables: <meep> Mutz, Marc 4/20/18
Static constructors/destructors in C++ Mariusz Moczala 4/19/18
Re: no deduction guides for std::packaged_task? Mutz, Marc 4/19/18
Preferring operator=(T&& rhs) over operator(T rhs) may allow more efficient copy-swap idiom 4/18/18
Low level file i/o library Niall Douglas 4/17/18
Lambda annotations Ritwik Das 4/16/18
Add operator&() to std::unique_ptr to get internal pointer 4/15/18
template argument deduction guides for type aliases 4/15/18
Towards an is_instantiable type trait? Vincent Reverdy 4/15/18
SG16: Unicode and text processing related proposals Tom Honermann 4/15/18
Deterministic C++ memory manager Phil Bouchard 4/11/18
General purpose utilities for template metaprogramming and type manipulation Vincent Reverdy 4/11/18
Most vexing parse and p0745r0 Marcin Jaczewski 4/9/18
Initializing arrays using non-default constructors Avi Kivity 4/9/18
Generic function-wrapper object Hamza Sood 4/9/18
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