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pragma once Сергей Кривонос 7:41 AM
[offsetof-ext] Draft proposal for extended offsetof Andrey Semashev 4:34 AM
Channels in C++ Aaron R Robinson 10/24/16
[propagate_const] Implicit conversion to T 10/24/16
Java inspired iostream replacement idea. Ben M. 10/23/16
Sugar fix: static subscript operators 10/23/16
[proposal] using keyword "using" to help create proxy classes. Victor Bogado 10/22/16
Why Iostreams [and all std::] are so obsolet. HarD Gamer 10/20/16
Is World's Dumbest Pointer still on the table?!? 10/20/16
uint16_t data =x= static_cast<uint16_t>(1) + 1; 10/20/16
Suggesting a syntax for wraping overload set Zhihao Yuan 10/19/16
A means to access the encapsulating object within a member Evan Teran 10/19/16
Proposal: std::view and std::optional_view (Re: operator dot proposal) 10/19/16
Proposal: Explicit shift operations for C++ Matthew Fioravante 10/18/16
capturing monads in lambda 10/18/16
An abbreviated lambda syntax Barry Revzin 10/17/16
Structured Bindings for all the Aggregates Barry Revzin 10/17/16
GUI 10/17/16
generic dynamic / runtime cast (cast to real runtime type) David Feurle 10/16/16
Optimizations for boolean comparisons NDos Dannyu 10/16/16
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