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Make (strongly typed) enums castable to char const * const Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 11:45 AM
[P0424] Reconsidering literal operator templates for strings Louis Dionne 11:17 AM
Specifier to cause the destructor to be called at last use instead of end of scope 8:38 AM
Is/Can it be well-defined to subtract (unsigned char *) pointers within the same object (representation)? D. B. 3:59 AM
A pointer to type X can point to an object of type Y (after P0137R1) Kazutoshi SATODA 2:58 AM
using const to signify an expectation of a function signature from caller Till Heinzel 8/27/16
Static constructors/destructors in C++ Mariusz Moczala 8/27/16
Allow attributes on template explicit instantiations Matthew Woehlke 8/26/16
We need const_shared_ptr<T> Alexey Mamontov 8/25/16
Stabilize the numeric types in all platforms HarD Gamer 8/25/16
STL: 'all_of', 'none_of' and 'any_of' for type traits 8/25/16
About the naming of special member functions 8/24/16
Protecting a function parameter pack from further deduction Johannes Schaub 8/23/16
pointer that propagates it's modifiers to the value Alexey Mamontov 8/22/16
Make explicit-ness to be part of the signature Alexey Mamontov 8/22/16
endian, Just endian Howard Hinnant 8/21/16
make_array and brace-init list. Should this be a defect or I am wrong...? Germán Diago 8/19/16
if constexpr in class declaration Cleiton Santoia 8/17/16
std::visit() is a bad name (std::variant visitor) Victor Dyachenko 8/15/16
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