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Proposal to add C99 designated initializers to C++ Daryle Walker 8:05 PM
Nested exceptions Shachar Shemesh 2:22 PM
Contracts - Non-accessible pre-conditions Vicente J. Botet Escriba 11:46 AM
Contracts of N4435 Matt Calabrese 11:41 AM
Conditional explicit specification - explicit(constant-expression) Tomasz 10:23 AM
STL rewrite? Change container constructors! Andrzej Krzemieński 2:39 AM
constexpr function arguments Andrey Semashev 2:07 AM
Noexcept New Olaf van der Spek 4/23/15
Dynamically-generated member names 4/23/15
Re: [std-proposals] pure virtual functions 4/23/15
In-class definition of pure virtual functions Columbo 4/23/15
N4346: Multidimensional bounds and row/column major Vincent Reverdy 4/22/15
Uniform initialization Olanrewaju Adetula 4/20/15
Proposal: lambda move capture Avi Kivity 4/19/15
Can we get a shared_ptr with non thread-safe reference counting? Viktor Kirilov 4/19/15
Add Full Suport for OO 4/17/15
static if resurrected (N4461) and type-generic expressions David Krauss 4/17/15
Feedback:N4415 Simple contracts for C++ 4/17/15
n4355 (arrays with polymorphic layout) Jeremy Maitin-Shepard 4/16/15
Nondeduced concepts reloaded dgutson 4/16/15
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