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standard attribute for unions to pun types? Evan Teran 10/22/17
index-cluster to replace std::map 10/22/17
inlined_constexpr: an easy to implement alternative to constexpr arguments 10/22/17
Second draft of D0779R0 operator try proposal paper (with added native C++ macros) Niall Douglas 10/21/17
Adding bucket interface for std::deque? ejsvifq mabmip 10/20/17
std::vector, std::string attach/detach external buffer Igor Baidiuk 10/20/17
std::sink<T> – a better solution to the "nightmare of move semantics" (a.k.a overload proliferation) 10/20/17
Idea about "std::pmr::memory_resource" Mingxin Wang 10/19/17
C++ encryption/decription 10/19/17
C++ pack/unpack module 10/19/17
Concepts are Adjectives, not Nouns Jakob Riedle 10/18/17
semicolon instead of <> to delimit template args. std::get(1;tup) instead of std::get<1>(tup) Aaron McDaid 10/18/17
Contra P0722R0 "destroying operator-delete" Arthur O'Dwyer 10/17/17
Standardising statement expressions as a special kind of "evil lambda" Niall Douglas 10/15/17
Thoughts on more methods towards containers in the future ejsvifq mabmip 10/14/17
[Idea] unit tests 10/14/17
Proposal: Monadic operations for std::optional Simon Brand 10/13/17
Why is it not possible to communicate intent in a switch case with 'fall-through' behavior? 10/13/17
diagnosing "unused" variables that are only constructed 10/13/17
Anonymous variables (moved "deferred destruction" topic) Francisco Lopes 10/12/17
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