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Improving [[nodiscard]]? Matthew Woehlke 12:21 PM
elaborated type specifiers + temporaries Ion Todirel 10:41 AM
Named constructors 1/16/17
Zero initialization and std::uinitialized_t Avi Kivity 1/16/17
Variadic append for std::string Olaf van der Spek 1/15/17
Explicit temporary lifetime extension Nicol Bolas 1/15/17
rationale for hiding data/function members and idea to add a "hide" keyword. Vicente J. Botet Escriba 1/14/17
Unnamed variables through structured binding. Nicol Bolas 1/13/17
Relaxe static data members HarD Gamer 1/13/17
enum_cast proposal 1/13/17
[RFC] Generalized Unpacking and Parameter Pack Slicing Matthew Woehlke 1/12/17
string/vector extensions for C interop 1/11/17
[std-proposals] Extended integer types proposal Игорь Клеванец 1/10/17
Add support for U+ prefix for Unicode literals 1/9/17
Names for the standard C++ modules HarD Gamer 1/9/17
Implode/explode for string & string_view 1/8/17
P0298: A byte type definition: with undefined pointer arithmetic? Kazutoshi SATODA 1/8/17
Containers of references? NDos Dannyu 1/7/17
switch v2 1/6/17
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